Another OPEN LETTER from a Kapamilya lambasting ABS-CBN has gone viral

A viral OPEN LETTER addressed a TV Network expressing disgust for unfair reporting against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been doing the rounds online.

Another OPEN LETTER from a Kapamilya  lambasts ABS-CBN has gone viral

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In a Facebook post shared more than 25,000 times and counting as of Tuesday morning, Uriel Emmanuel Soriano from Davao City published an emotionally-charged OPEN LETTER addressed to the TV Network giant Channel 2.

In the post, Mr. Uriel Emmanuel Soriano, a self-confessed solid Kapamilya who religiously watches ABS-CBN soap dramas because he finds it entertaining, fun to watch and the quality of their TV shows is without doubt the benchmark of Philippine television, expressed his dismay and anger towards ABS-CBN TV Network for its biased reporting particularly against Mayor Duterte.

Mr. Soriano confessed that watching TV Patrol is a daily habit because of its accuracy and truthful delivery of the news.

Kabayan Noli de Castro, one of the main anchors of the news program is another reason for him to watch the news program because he loves how the former vice-president delivers the news with his trademark style.

Please read the full text below:

But now, my respect for you is totally lost. Wanna know why? Asked Mr. Soriano!

Because of your very biased reporting.

In your pathetic attempts to tarnish the image of our beloved Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte, you went as far as to violate the rule of confidentiality by presenting Duterte’s psychological tests results as public information. Not only that! You even willingly violated the principle of fairness and equality!

You are supposed to be the vanguards of responsible, fair, impartial and truthful journalism!

But, what happened now?

You deliberately twist reports involving our Mayor in your attempts to tarnish his image! Your headlines in your reports about him are such that they show him in a bad light!

For example, when he allegedly cursed the Pope, you only showed the part of the video where he said “P****g i*a, umuwi ka na!” which led to many people misinterpreting him as being rude to the Pope, when he was actually cursing about the way the government handled the traffic situation during the arrival and stay of Pope Francis in our country (He was stuck for many hours in traffic that he has to pee in a bottle while inside the car!) and, although the curse was uncalled for, we really cannot blame him for it!

Also, during his recent “rape joke” controversy, you reported that he was joking about rape when in fact he was telling a narrative of how he took part in an operation to eliminate the hostage takers who have killed 5 hostages, including the Australian missionary who was raped, slashed in the throat and shot in the neck, even putting his own life on the line to save the other hostages!

Are you that desperate?

You have violated this very principle by totally disregarding the good traits of our Mayor and highlighting his bad traits. You only showed reports which can be used as potential tools for political mudslinging. You failed to understand his motivations behind every deed and every word he says.

All because you have become a tool of those ambitious presidential candidates in their pathetic attempts to tarnish the good image of our Mayor.

You are supposed to be independent, not affiliated with any political, corporate, or cultural interests. Right? But it’s obvious that you have journalists who are affiliated with presidential candidates, and that constitutes a conflict of interest which affected the way you report on certain individuals (e.g.: showing Roxas and Aquino in a positive light while showing Duterte in a negative light).

Why are you protecting them?

Because you’re afraid to risk losing their alliance? Or because you are protecting your personal interests?

ABS-CBN, please stop all the black propaganda and deliver your news reports fairly and impartially!

Yours truly,
Uriel Emmanuel Soriano
Concerned Kapamilya

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