Another photo shows Leni Robredo attended the ‘OUST DUTERTE’ rally disguise as anti-Marcos rally? # What disguised as…? LeniLeaks email says so!

“I am not aware of, much less am I involved in, any effort to ‘oust’ the President. Furthermore, I categorically deny joining rallies that called for the President’s ouster.”

This is the statement of Leni Robredo when prompted for a comment on joining Oust Duterte rallies or worse, involve in ‘Oust Duterte’ movement.

In fairness, she has been consistent with her denial statement.

But, according to the Facebook Page, “Juan Step Para as Tunay Pagbabago” Leni Robredo attended the anti-Marcos burial rally cum Oust Duterte rally. And he/she has the photo to back up the claim. Check it below.

A netizen alleged that Leni Robredo was in attendance at the anti-Marcos burial rally and was in fact in the holding tent rally.

While the LP bigwigs deny there is such a thing as ‘Oust Duterte’ rally and quickly dismissed it as a figment of the imagination of Leni’s critics, her supporters think otherwise.

Wait! Who said the anti-Marcos burial rallies is a Duterte ouster movement in disguise? Let us check one of the email exchanges in the #LeniLeaks scandal and try to connect the dots.

Another tweet asking if it was an anti-Marcos rally or an Oust Duterte rally. The tweet was made a few days after the Black Friday rally of the opposition groups.

What do you think?

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