Blogger says if there were to blame in Metro Manila water crisis, it’s the Presidents after Marcos, the CBCP and today’s opposition. Read why!

The opposition are blaming President Duterte for the water crisis Metro Manila has been experiencing today.

While some are saying that the water crisis is artificial to mind-conditioned the people to accept the Chinese-funded Kaliwa Dam Project of the Duterte administration.

But social media blogger Noel Sarifa disagrees with Duterte’s critics.

Instead Sarifa pointed the blame to all the presidents after Marcos and the CBCP.

In case you don’t know, President Marcos, the visionary leader that he was, proposed to start the Kaliwa Dam project to solve the water problem of Metro Manila?

That was in the 1970’s but due to opposition by various groups, including the Catholic church, it never took off until President Duterte came to power.

Sarifa’s insight on the issue gave netizens a different look of the water crisis, helping netizens understand the issue using simple but engaging style of writing.

Ang Kaliwa Dam Project in Tanay, Rizal have been proposed since the 1970s by the Marcos government. It is forecasted to cater the growing population of Metro Manila. Isa sa mga tumututol dito ay ang CBCP.

Sa loob ng ilang Dekada hindi pinagtuunang pansin ang project na ito.

The multibillion-peso project is now part of the Duterte administration’s water security and “Build, Build, Build” programs, will supply an additional 600 million liters/day (MLD) by 2023 to Metro Manila and the nearby provinces of Cavite, Rizal and Bulacan.

The P12.2-billion Kaliwa Dam project will be funded by a P10.2-billion package under China’s Official development assistance and a counterpart fund of P2 billion from the Philippine government.

So yung ayaw sa China na taga-Metro Manila, China po ang tutulong sa project na eto, ang solusyon sa problema nyo sa tubig. At sa mga taong sisi ng sisi kay Duterte sisihin nyo ang Lahat ng Presidente in between Marcos and Duterte kasi wala silang ginawa para maagapan eto, isama nyo na ang CBCP.

Noel Landero Sarifa

Netizen Genie Magbanua lashed at people who would rather suffer than get Chinese help via loan in solving our water crisis.

Hay for people na sarado ang utak mas hahanapin nila ang masisisi kesa sa unawain ang sinasabi mo. Yan ang legacy ng mga Elite at LP sa Pinas ginawa nilang bobo ang mga Pilipino. Tinuyo ang utak sa hirap at pagpapahirap. Kahit edukadong tao kung palaginh stress di nakakapg isip ng tama. Kaya mas pipiliin pa nila ang walang tubig kesa sa tulong ng China… na babayaran naman natin one way or another…

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