Ansakit mo sa bangs!!! — Lawyer reacts to Senator Risa Hontiveros’ comment on continued rise of covid cases

Senator Risa Hontiveros has been a consistent critic of the Duterte administration since Day 1.

And the pandemic has given the Akbayan senator plenty of opportunity to spite the Duterte admin.

For example, the senator sounded the alarm of the rising covid cases in the country. Sen. Hontiveros echoed the opinion of experts who said that the increase in our cases is not because we have been testing more but because there is no slowing down of transmission.

Hontiveros warned that unless the Duterte admin follow her recommendations, which you can read below, cases will continue to soar, more Filipinos will get sick and painted a gloom and doom picture of our health infrastructure. Please refer below to read the full statement of the Senator.

On that note, Atty. Bruce Rivera, TV5 host and staunch Duterte supporter, could only heave a sigh of resignation while pondering at the statement of Senator Risa Hontiveros.


Atty. Bruce blurted a Filipino expression, ‘Ansakit mo sa bangs!!!’ to describe how feels towards the Senators statement.

Atty. Bruce denied the government making such statement that the covid cases in the country rose because of increase testing. Atty. Bruce said that the covid cases in the country was already high because people have been passing the virus around for quite some time now. It was only discovered because of testing.

‘Hindi sinabi ng gobyerno na tumaas ang kaso dahil tumaas ang testjng. Dati na mataas ang kaso dahil nagkakahawaan ang tao. Nalalaman lang dahil sa testing.’

Atty. Bruce recalled what the senator said previously that the government should refrain from calling Pinoy “hardheaded” because we are not losers and Filipinos are not the reason of the rise of covid cases. And now, the senator is saying the reason of the rise of cases is community transmission. Atty. Bruce said that the senator just admitted that the key to the rise of covid cases are the Filipinos.

‘Tsaka di ba sabi ninyo, huwag tawaging pasaway ang mga Pinoy kasi hindi tayo talunan at hindi Pinoy ang dahilan ng pagtaas ng kaso Tapos ngayon, community transmission na. Di sinasabi niyo din na nasa atin nga ang susi ng pagtaas ng cases.’

Atty. Bruce wished the senator stays consistent with her statements. Not someone who is scared to say because it is unpopular to the public even if it’s true.

‘Sana consistent kayo sa sinasabi niyo. Hindi yung matatakot magsabi ng hindi popular sa tao kahit totoo.’

Speaking of “totoo”, or the truth, Atty. Bruce remarked that Senator Hontiveros needs to time travel to implicate her in Philhealth anomalies. Is that correct? Atty. Bruce asked the senator. So that means she was not yet with Philhealth between 2014 to 2015? There were anomalies during that time, Atty. Bruce asked Sen. Hontiveros if he was correct? Did she conducted a probe on allegations of Philhealth anomalies as soon as she became senator? Atty. Bruce reckoned the senator, being a former Director, knows a lot of the anomalies in the agency. Instead of criticizing President Duterte when she is not an insider, Atty. Bruce remarked, Sen. Hontiveros should have called for a probe on Philhealth a long time ago. The problem is, she didn’t. He asked why?

‘Speaking of totoo…..time travel ang kailangan mo gawin para madadamay ka sa kalokohan sa PhilHealth. Ganun ba? So wala ka sa Philhealth nung 2014 tp 2015? Mat kalolohan din dun di ba? Nag-investigate ka ba nung naging senadora ka? Ikaw mas nakakaalam ng lokohan dahil insider ka. Sa halip na punahin mo lahat kay Digong na di ka insider, nagpatawag ka sana ng hearing sa PhilHealth dati pa. Kaso…wala. Anong dahilan mo?’

Atty. Bruce ended the FB post by leaving a word of caution to the Senator … all her criticism she throw at the Duterte admin, it boomerangs.

‘Mano a mano…lahat ng puna mo, ibabalik sa yo.’

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Source: Bruce Rivera

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