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Anti-Marcos socmed influencer on choosing between BBM and Leni Robredo: We will choose THE PERSON WE HATE LESS

Self-confessed anti-Marcos but pro-Duterte Manila Bulletin writer has been bombarded with questions from friends and followers alike who to vote for if the 2022 polls is a showdown between Marcos and Robredo.

By the way, based on the online and offline surveys, a showdown between the fiercest rivals in 2016 election for VP is looming once again.

On her FB page, Ms. Chu hinted who she will vote for between BBM and Leni to stop people pestering her with the same question over and over again.

But Chu’s last sentence gave netizens the loudest clue who she will be voting between BBM and Leni.

So to the aggressive, pa high and mighty, feelingerang supporters, thank you for making it an easy choice for us.

You may read Chu’s full FB post below.

Many people ask those who are both anti Leni and anti Marcos (like me) whom they’ll support when the time comes when the battle will just be clearly between the two.

As in we already know for sure that our bets aren’t running or whoever our bets are so far below the surveys that our votes are going to be just wasted (yes I believe in the concept of “wasted votes” in times of a power struggle between two forces—you give your vote to someone where it won’t make a difference, it is a vote that will favor the other side.)

I think it’s safe to say, and I’m speaking for many of us, that when that time does come—those of us will choose THE PERSON WE HATE LESS.

It is a vote we grudgingly give, but it is still a vote. It’s quiet support, but it’s still support.

So to the aggressive, pa high and mighty, feelingerang supporters, thank you for making it an easy choice for us.

Netizens echoed Chu’s sentiment and also added their own reason why they are voting for the said presidential bet as shown in the comments below.

I myself am not a BBM supporter.. but I am not a BBM hater as well.. I don’t hate Leni that much either but my hate for her is primarily because of her “entitled” supporters whose been calling the Duterte supporters stupid from Day 1.. so when it comes down between the two (if Sara will not run)… I will throw my support to the one that will hurt the Leni/Yellow/Pink supporters the most. I will vote for BBM.

I hav never voted for a Marcos, but this election I will vote for a president who is most winnable and at d same time, who will protect pres. Duterte after his term, coz we all know that d yellowshits r so vindictive that, cgurado hahabulin nila c PRRD sa trump up charges, or even feed him to d ICC

Omg YES! I would absolutely vote for someone I used to look down on but now I grudgingly admire for being calm and non confrontational despite all the brickbats thrown at him. Also someone who will foremost protect the old man I love and for whom I will protect albeit in a roundabout manner.

Yes, I don’t want BBM. I still want Sara to run. But if Sara won’t run and it’s just a fight between Leni and BBM, I will choose BBM. Definitely not Leni.

I am a “swing voter” and I will choose BBM. Those windmills had me at hello. 


Source: KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair

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