Antonio Contreras calls PDI’s article “No foreign aid yet for victims of Typhoon Lawin” malicious

The Philippine Daily Inquirer strikes again by maliciously slanting the absence of foreign donors coming to Northern Luzon in the wake of the devastation wrought by Typhoon “Lawin!”

The drive of the PDI article entitled, ‘No foreign aid yet for victims of Typhoon Lawin’ is to “paint the situation as an outcome of Duterte’s stance and we are being punished by it,” Dr. Antonio Contreras says.


“And why do we have to expect foreign aid when we have funds to deal with the problem?” Dr. Contreras wonders. “This culture of mendicancy is simply offensive. Except that we know the line of Inquirer since we are not born yesterday,” the fuming professor continued.

As flaring tempers rise, he reminds the public that this is the same newspaper that slanted the latest survey result showing Robredo outdid Duterte, which he said is a lie.

This is the same newspaper that published the lie that Robredo topped the Pulse Asia survey and has not apologized for it yet.

Meanwhile, Kristy Manuel agrees with the Philippine Daily Inquirer and says:

Now look what you’ve done Mr. President!This is an example of the effects of Du30s tirades and badmouthing of the US, EU, UN, Australia and other foreign allies. Now it’s the Filipinos who have to live with your careless rantings, attacks, and foul speech. Shame on you!

On one hand, Zyriel James has a different take on the issue. Let us read his comment below.

The reason why foreign aids are not as much are as follows 1. they were not happy with how yolanda funds were used. with such massive amount and how our government used it is an indication that we cant handle aids without corruption. 2. the government prepared the people and evacuated then as necessary while in yolanda people stayed indoors and was left to kill. we are now a little prepared for typhoons like this. 3. the government is working hard to stretch whatever resources we can get from our own funds. foreign aid will always be available, it wont go away. we should be happy that despite not having foreign aids, there are less casualties and the government was able to provide bit by bit.

so why are some people ranting?
1. nasanay ang pinoy na humingi.
2. hindi bilib ang oinoy sa kakayanan ng gobyerno niya at nais lamang iasa sa ibang bansa ang lahat.
3. kinakawawa ng pinoy ang sarili niya ngayong hindi naman siya kawawa, pinaghihigpit lamang ng sinturon e akala moy ikamamatay na niya,

e tanong din natin ang media ngayong magaling naman silang mag sesationalized, sana ibalita nyo ng todo tong mga nasalanta ng bagyo, puro kasi kaau paninira sa presidente .

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