Apparently some of her (Leni) supporters can’t do equally simple stuff like add 20+22 either — TraveLife Magazine publisher

TraveLife Magazine publisher and the creator of the FB hashtag trend #ABL (Anyone But Leni) movement Christine Cunanan is at it again.

This time, she is highlighting the similarities between Leni Robredo and some of her supporters, drawing laughs among her FB followers. as of this writing, 1,100 netizens hit the laugh emoji out of 1,200 reactors of Cunanan’s FB post.

Please read Cunanan’s caption below on Facebook to describe the screebshot photo of the tweet of a pro-Robredo social media influencer.

We already realize The Veep can’t do simple arithmetics like 4×40. Apparently some of her supporters can’t do equally simple stuff like add 20+22 either. #ABL

Cunanan’s caption generated funny and some harsh comments directed at Robredo and the pro-Robredo socmed influencer.

Akala ko ba the Kakampink ilk are the intelligent and educated ones, ha? Na maka-insulto kayo sa masa nang “walang pinag-aralan”, pero simpleng addition na nga lang sablay pa? 😒Kelan pa naging 44 yung 20+22? commented one netizen.

Natangay ng malakas na electric current ang brain nila. Tingnan ang ginawa mo Odette! joked another netizen.

Leni Math strikes again. How can she win with only 1,700 islands voting for her?

And THAT coming from a PhD student 😂

LENI ROBREDO’S stupidity is very contagious

What mathematical table are you using? When did 20+22 become 44?? Nagbago na ba ang math? Di kami na-inform!🤪😁😆

Sila lang daw matatalino & super educated tapos tada!! 20 + 22 = 44%. Matalino nga🤣😅

🤦‍♀️ simple arithmetic!!!!ano ba??? Nandaya pa ng 2% haist 🙄

I know, right? May pinagmanahan talaga sila. Bless their weak-assed brains.#ABL

Same wavelength ung mga utak nila hahaha natutuwa ako sa plotics sa pilipinas. Goodluck Pilipinas.

The notion that isko, Pacquiao, and lacson voters would have Leni as their second option is more hilarious than the arithmetic blunder, Christine😅🤣😂

He’s supposed to be a writer for Rappler. Hmmmm….

Typo daw pero narealized nya after more than 24 hours hahaha


Source: Christine Cunanan

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