Are you ignorant or what?! — Fellow Bicolano to Tricia Robredo after criticizing bill to rename NAIA to Ferdinand E. Marcos Int’l Airport on Twitter

Tricia Robredo’s tweet criticizing the bill filed by a solon from Negros proposing to change the name of NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) to Ferdinand E. Marcos International Airport has drawn flak from fellow Bicolano Edwin Jamora.

Jamora is US-based CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Marcos loyalist and vlogger.

In a Facebook post, Jamora asked Tricia Robredo to please stop whatever she is doing on Twitter. He asked whether she is ignorant or what? He said during the Dilawan’s time when Manila International Airport was changed to its current name.

Jamora asked Tricia if she has any inkling how costly that change of name from MIA to NAIA?

And now, she thinks she is playing the heroine with her rant? Why is she mad? Jamora ribbed Tricia by asking her what street at the airport her anger will be put down?

Jamora ended the brief “love” letter to Tricia Robredo by telling her to stop testing the Marcos loyalists.

Pwede vah Tricia Robredo! Are you ignorant or what?! Panahon ninyo when Manila International Airport was changed to NAIA! Do you know how costly that was for the country?! Tapos ngayon, akala mo hero ka with your chienes! So, bakit galit ka? Saang kanto ng Airport dapat ilagay ang galit mo?! Wag kami! Tse!

Here are some of the reactions of netizens to Tricia Robredo’s tweet.

One netizen advised Tricia to stop meddling in politics because her mother is now citizen Leni.

#TrishiaRobredo citizen Leni na lng nanay mo. Tigilan mo na pag epal. Hindi MalacaƱang nag file ng Bill na yan. Si Cong. Teves i bash mo timang

A second netizen echoed the sentiment of the above commenter.

Manahimik ka kung makapag Salita ka akala MO Kung sino ka?! Pag talunan manahimik na ha..

A third informed Tricia that PBBM or Malacanang has nothing to do with the said bill.

Hija, priority ni Teves ‘yan. Hindi priority ni presidente ‘yan. Isubmit ni Teves sa tongress ‘yang panukala niya. Either na uusbong or not sa tongress. Manahimik ka na lang ha

A fourth netizen was more brutal in explaining why Tricia Robredo is criticizing the proposed bill renaming NAIA to MIA.

Feeling relevant yan mga pink


Source: Edwin Jamora

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