Armed suspects rain bullets at the house of former policemen on New Years Eve

The criminals are so brazen these days that they think they get away with anything! They believed the police authorities are either powerless or do not care at all!

Less than an hour before Filipinos greets 2016, a group of armed men aboard an SUV arrived outside the house of a former police official, opened the locked gate using a bolt cutter and started firing their guns as soon as they gained entry to the gated house.

The volley of fire lasted for more than a minute that left bullet holes in the walls of the residence of their would be victims. The SOCO investigators discovered 20 spent shells at the crime scene.

In another angle taken from the second CCTV, it appeared the occupants of the house knew in advance something bad was about to happen. If you watch the video at around 55 seconds in the timeline, three people ran for their lives inside the house upon seeing the SUV of the gunmen.

The CCTV camera was not spared by the gunmen as it was shot upon when the gunmen realized their crime is being recorded as it happened.

The target of the armed men is none other than Jun Laurel, a retired police officer and a resident of Taguig.

The victim, who sustained minor injuries on both knees as a result of the shooting, believed the shooting was politically motivated since the news got around, he is gunning for the barangay chairmanship in the October 2016 barangay election.

A woman neighbor who requested to retain her anonymity, spoke to Emil Sumangil of GMA News and recalled, “I thought it was already New Year but when I checked the clock, it was only 11:15 PM and I wondered what were those explosions?”

Upon initial investigation of the police, the weapons used in the strafing incident include a 45 caliber pistol, an M-16 assault rifle and a shotgun.

The victim told Emil Sumangil of GMA News he was outside the house with guest when the suspects arrived. The former policeman said, he hid behind the post when the bullets came flying towards their direction. He said, thinking of the safety of his family and guests, he ran inside the house and locked the main door to secure their safety.

The former policeman expressed alarm of the shooting incident considering that his residence is just 250 meters away from the police precint in his barangay in Taguig.

You may watch the video now.

Do you see an end to this kind of incidents in the country in the nearest future?

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