Army General dares Leftist solons to denounce CPP-NPAs via socmed because Inq refuses to his publish statement?

Wow! The Philippine Daily Inquirer proudly displays one’s motto on its website, ‘Bringing “Balanced News, Fearless Views” to readers when and where it matters,’ but it appears that is just for show?

The recent Facebook post of SolCom Chief and NTF ELCAC (National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) key figure, Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade will tell us why.

On Facebook , Parlade wrote: ‘My complete statement which Inq will not publish..’

In light of this, Parlade was forced to take his concern to Facebook and called out the leftist solons, which he enumerated one by one, to denounce the atrocities of the CPP NPAs and say they are not communist. He asked how hard can it be for the above-mentioned solon’s to say this in public?

‘So what now Rep Castro, Rep Culliamat, Rep Zarate, Rep Elago etc? You were being challenged to denounce the CPP NPAs violent atrocities by USEC Lorraine Marie T. Badoy . How difficult is that if you say you are not communists? Let’s end this hypocrisy now, with or without budget. We have been challenging you for a debate even before the creation of the NTF ELCAC. What do you stand to loose if you take the challenge. Lets pursue the truth behind all your attacks and opposition to NTF ELCAC.’

Parlade denied it was the military who started red-tagging the leftists solons. Instead, he mentioned that it was a former senior cadre of the CPP who red-tagged the solons.

‘Now a former senior cadre of the CPP, your former colleague has tagged all of you as Communists through and through. Defend yourselves by saying he is wrong. Tell the nation it’s not you who are killing our children after being recruited to the NPAs. Baka AFP ang pumapatay sa kanila, then we will know.’

Parlade went on to named the solons and their respective connections with the CPP.

Rep Castro, you were tagged as a member of the Natl Teachers Bureau under the National United Front Commission CPP. What can you say?

Rep Zarate, you were also tagged by your former colleague as also a member of the NUFC CPP. Isnt that why you have the authority to meet with top CPP NPAs in Mindanao and elsewhere to discuss your plans with them?

Rep Gaite, say something about being a member of the National Govt Employees Bureau, which directs COURAGE thru your Makabayang Kawaning Pilipino, the UGMO of COURAGE.

What about you Rep Elago, of the Kabataang Makabayan, the underground mass org of the Kabataan? You have all been tagged as Red by your fellow red. Its not the government who tagged you. So if you have been exposed and now feels threatened, dont blame us and dont put on hostage our agencies budget. They will be used to provide services to the marginalized sectors you have exploited, so we can END INSURGENCY and CONFLICT.

What about Rep Culliamat? Well, she needs to speak out because this budget of the NTF ELCAC might just end the conflict in Agusan and Surigao, which she and her siblings in the NPA have been waging for sometime now.

Parlade elaborated on his allegation versus Cullamat establishing how the solon is deeply connected with the NPAs.

‘Rep. Cullamat is married to an NPA now detained for various crimes. She is the elder sister of Bae Gloria Campos Tumalon who was apprehended last March 19, 2020 in Diatagon, SDS. Her other siblings are Pablito Sinzo Campos, the NPA leader arrested last 2018 in Sibagat, Agusan del Sur, and Emelda Campos Belandres, another NPA leader who is wanted for various crimes. Was she elected by the people to be a Rep? NO, the CPP designated her as a nominee of Bayan Muna, BECAUSE of her family’s LOYALTY to the party.’

Parlade reiterated his challenge versus the leftist solons to set a date for a bare-all debate.

‘So mga kagalang galang na representante ng CPP NPA, are we on for a bare-all debate on this red-tagging issue and the NTF ELCAC budget?’

Parlade ended the FB post by challenging a former partylist representative to join the debate because he has something to disprove his socmed post denying he is part of the armed struggle.

‘And, Teddy Casiño you’re saying that you “might not be a part of the armed struggle?”. We will see about that. Join the debate please’

LTGen Parlade

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Source: Antonio Parlade

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