Army Official says Ka Rachelle’s explosive exposé explains why Makabayan Bloc skipped senate probe

Col. Harold Cabunoc of the Philippine Army and a Scout Ranger credited the revelation of a certain Ka Rachelle, a former NPA cadre and Kabataang Makabayan from the Negros Island why Kabataan Partylist Sarah Elago and the Makabayan bloc a no-show in the senate probe.

On Facebook, Col. Habuno wrote:

“Ito ay rebelasyon ng dating amasona ng NPA sa Negros. Ito pala ang dahilan kung bakit no show kanina si Sarah Elago. Mahirap nga naman yon ipaliwanag kaya ang pinaka-comvenient na palusot at: “nire-redtag nyo kami ng militar!”

Col. Cabunoc remarked that the CPP cadre in the Makabayan bloc would rather want the public to believe they have the monopoly of truth while their former comrades who returned the fold of the law are liars.

“Kapansin-pansin na gusto ng mga CPP cadre na nasa Makabayan Bloc, ang salita lang nila paniwalaan at sinungaling na ang lahat ng mga dati nilang kasamahan.”

Col. Cabunoc urged the public to keep in mind that the actions and support of the CPP-led front organizations are the reasons why the recruitment of NPA remain unchecked. He said this was explained by Ka Eric and Ka Efren, senior cadres of the CPP.

“Tandaan natin na ang pagkilos at pagsuporta ng CPP-led front organizations gaya ng GABRIELA, BAYAN MUNA, KABATAAN at ANAK PAWIS ay syang dahilan kung bakit tuloy ang rekrutment ng mga mandirigmang NPA. Ito ay paliwanag mismo ni Ka Eric at Ka Efren, mga senior cadre ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas.”

Moving forward, Col. Cabunoc and the Army FB page shared a video of Ka Rachelle talking how she started her career as an NPA cadre in Negros.

According to Ka Rachelle, she joined KMU or Kilusang Mayo Uno in Bacolod City in 2016.

She said that it is very obvious the minors are the easy targets of NPA recruitment. For example, based on her personal experience, the NPA exploited her weaknesses.

Ka Rachelle mentioned that her recruiter was a certain Albert “Ambet” dela Cerna. The reason why she was recruited because she wants to change the system of our government.

Ka Rachelle remarked that NPA indoctrination tells them that there is inequality in our society.

Where she was recruited?

According to Ka Rachelle, she was recruited in La Carlota. She became a Kabataan organizer. Said she went through route via Kabataan Partylist. The illegal or underground org of Kabataan is KM or Kabataan Makabayan.

Ka Rachelle also talked about participating in activity in Red and White area, she mentioned about going to Escalante City in September 20, 2018 to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of Escalante massacre. The Escalante Massacre happened in 1985, at that time of President Marcos.

Here’s the interesting part. Ka Rachelle revealed one of Kabataan’s tactics in recruiting members.

Ka Rachelle noted many of our youths are into dancing that’s is why is easy to lure them to join what they call culture activism. If you can’t convince them with words or by talking, you lure the youths with dancing.

If you wish to continue watching the video please click the link below.


Source: Harold Cabunoc

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