Arnell Ignacio to Isko Moreno: I hope you check the history and record of those who belittled SMNI and Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

On Mayor Isko Moreno’s camp belittling SMNI News and Pastor Quiboloy, OWWA Deputy Administrator Arnell Ignacio hope Yorme Isko should check the history and record of those who underestimated the network and the owner.

Speaking from personal experience, Ignacio confessed he was also surprised how things pan out whenever Pastor Quiboloy is belittled.

Most of the time, people ridicule Pastor Quiboloy’s statements. But not Ignacio. He would rather play it safe and dare not take chances by slandering him. What if what Pastor Quiboloy said is true? Ignacio asked. That’s why he would rather keep his mouth shut and just accord him the respect.

Ignacio remarked that belittling other people is hard. Hard, because you may be in for a huge surprise that someone you pick on turn out to be a bigger person than you thought!

Here are some of the comments of netizens who agree with Arnell Ignacio’s FB post.

True na alaala nyo nong nilait ni Vice gondola si Ptr Quiboloy ano nang yari sa abs several months later nawalan ng francise at nagsara.

Lito Banayo and Isko Moreno never learned from what Vice Ganda and ABS-CBN transpired in 2020/21…Watch your curse and it will back to you as my 2 cents.

Totally agree!!! Sir Arnell Ignacio , we need to respect each other, especially we all have the right to voice out our opinions. But it doesn’t mean that you have an opinion that you are right.!! Be professional,!!! BCuz no matter how high you reach in life…always look back to where you came from. Baka sa ganyan mong Ugali yan pa maging dahilan ng ikababagsak mo..! Thank you Again Sir Arnell.

Tama ka Arnel..mayaman man o mahirap ..babae man o lalaki huwag na huwag mong maliitin..kasi may balik yan sa tao…Karma??? kung hindi naniwala sa karma kahit Respeto man lang sana…lahat tayo ay may sariling mga karapatan…

tanungin si vice ganda. meron syang experience kay pastor quiboloy. sabi yata ni pastor ay magsasara yang istasyon mo. ayon rejected ng house of representative yung franchise ng abs.


Source: SMNI News

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