Arnell Ignacio to singer-songwriter who commented about the estate tax of the Marcoses — Stay in your lane

Arnell Ignacio alias DA Arnell Ign on Facebook has a word of advice to a singer-songwriter who joined fellow Kakampinks in drumming up the noise regarding the estate tax issue of the Marcoses.

In fairness to DA Arnell, he did not name names but it was obvious he was alluding to Ely Buendia because he trended on social media for his “fight me” remark that Philstar and other local news and TV network deemed it worthy to be shared as quote card in their social media accounts.

Basically, Ignacio wanted to tell the singer-songwriter to stay in his lane and not to get involved in issues like estate tax because it is way out of his expertise.

Here are some of the comments from netizens below.

Netizen #1 commented to express her agreement with DA Arnell Ign’s advice to the singer-songwriter.

Kaya nga Sir Arnel, dapat aral aral muna kapag may time..😊 Sabi nga little knowledge Is dangerous….

To which netizen #2 also echoed DA Arnell Ign’s sentiment.

Correct, suddenly naging mga expert sa tax, di muna magresearch o mag google man lang.

Netizen #3 is another disappointed fan of the singer-songwriter.

Akala mo mtalino un vocalist n un Isa PNG obob. Hndi muna kc alamin kng ano ibg sbhn Ng estate tax Bago mgkuda kuda kalalaking tao..Mana s Ina Nia 🤣😂At ama n c Manny PacquiaoKapatid n c iskoPmilyang Tanga!

Netizen #4 dared the singer-songwriter to lay down his super credible sources if he was sure of his allegaiton.

Kung sure sya sa pinagsasabi nya at super credible ng source nya ilalatag nya Yan.. Di na dpat mag Sabi ng “FIGHT ME” na chenes.. Isa ring nki marites 😂😂😂

Netizen #5 remarked that this is expected from supporters who know their presidential bet is sure to lose.

Ganun po talaga pag alam n talo ang manok nila gagawa at gagawa ng mga fake news God bless you Sir and God bless also our new president and vice president BBM/SARA ..


Source: DA Arnell Ign

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