Arrest of police colonel from Davao bolsters conspiracy theory Abu Sayyafs back by powerful people

The public have long suspected the Abu Sayyaf’s are in collusion with some government officials. Recent events in Bohol strengthen suspicion of the public.

TThe arrest of a high ranking police official for attempting the rescue of the remaining Abu Sayyaf bandits reinforced the suspicion of the public all these years.

Supt. Maria Christina Nobleza was arrested together with her driver identified as Reenor Lou Dungon after driving past a combined police and Army checkpoint on Saturday at around 9 PM..

Dungon is allegedly a bombmaking expert and a relative of slain Abu Sayyaf leader and founder Abdurajik Abubakar Janjalani. [PDI]

A car chase ensued between the suspects and the soldiers that ended after the soldiers caught up with them in Sitio Kabasakan, still in Bacani, barely 150 meters from the cave where the Abu Sayyaf bandits were hiding.

According to a police official who refused to be identified, Nobleza’s phone contained text messages showing she was in contact with the remaining Abu Sayyaf members hiding in Clarin asking to get rescued.

During interrogation, Nobleza told the police she was on holiday in Bohol and merely passing by the area. Other than that, she invoked her right to privacy to answer the remaining questions from the police.

Meanwhile, let us read comments of netizens to get a gauge of the pulse of the social media.

But first, I want to direct your attention to the Facebook post of former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III to know what his take on the issue.

“How to shatter trust and confidence in the PNP, the security sector and government in general.

Makes everyone wonder as to what extent the agents of the state and enemies of the state are in bed with each other; and how many so-called enemies of the state are either the creation of, or co-opted by, so-called agents of the state.

Either way we, the people, are getting screwed and being fooled big-time. Who are behind this criminal scheme? Will we ever know? How deep a hole are we in? How do we get out of it? What will it take to get us out of it?”

Jack Chua remarked: “Disheartening and disappointing to know that the network of bad elements have crept inside government. Institution meant to protect society. Deep rooted.

I hope we could unite as a people to nip this problem.
We have got to do our share. The government can not tackle this alone. We must do our part…

This is sad…”

Teresa Basalo Dela Cruz said: “This is a looong time issue…our armies are being infiltrated by these leftist, terrorist groups. Kaya nga hindi maubos-ubos…nauunsiyami ang mga oplan. Pati ammunition nila AFP ang tatak. I remember this is the reason cited by Pnoy, how many times that plan to capture Arwan is aborted. So, the last time was known to ltd. authorities but NapeƱas did not do his job well…(accordingly):(“

Dindo Arino commented: “Yan na ang cnasabi ko. Spies infiltrators everywhere. Planted by the enemies of the state.”

Nath-Macel Valsorable Beltran said: “I wonder why? di na uubusan ng bala ang mga kalaban nila sa gobyerno! Naka pag tataka na mas marami pa silang bala kesa sa government forces yung mga armalites nila mas moderno pa sa AFP at PNP the duterte administration should look and investigate this..”

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