#ArrestTrillanes: Popular blogger writes open letter telling PRD to arrest Trillanes upon return to Manila for treason!

As the photos of Trillanes meeting several members of the US Congress make the rounds in social media, a popular blogger wants Trillanes arrested upon his return to Manila.

Credits to FVP Leni Robredo for the photo.

Social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu took to Facebook asking President Duterte to arrest Senator Trillanes because what he is doing, meeting US senators, is “pure and simple treason” while promising her unwavering support.

In the event Sen. Trillanes supporters take to the streets, “we will take to the streets,” Chu added.

Check out the full post below.

Dear President Duterte,

What Trillanes is doing is pure and simple treason.
He is going around painting a negative image of this country, convincing leaders of the most powerful country that our country is corrupt and has become a killing field, and planning to wrest power from a democratically elected leader.

Arrest him when he arrives in Manila.

If his supporters take to the streets, we will take to the streets.

If it becomes physical, then so be it. We are ready to defend this country from traitors. I am sure our soldiers will readily have your back.
Arrest him. He can explain his side in jail.

You have our unwavering support.


Meanwhile, Cebuano blogger Mike Acebedo Lopez also believes that Trillanes and company are in the US to convince US politicians and the academe that Duterte is ripe for the picking.

Lopez writes:

“Fr. Albert Alejo SJ is in Columbia University, Raissa Robles was in UCLA, and Antonio Trillanes is in Washington DC.

Following the gamed slump in Digong’s SWS ratings, the Yellows have gone full swing with their black prop stateside blitz to misrepresent the figures and lie through their teeth that the President has lost the support of the people.

From the academia to the US Senate, these people will stop at nothing until Duterte is deposed.”

Speaking of the academe, La Salle History professor Van Ybiernas also believes the Rubio-Trillanes meeting is all about Duterte.

Si Marco Rubio po ay Chairman ng US Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Democracy at Human Rights.

Malamang si Trillanes ang nagrequest ng miting.

Human Rights at demokrasya ang ilan sa agenda ng pag-uusap nila.

At dahil wala na karir si Rubio —senador siya ng Florida pero nilampaso siya ni Donald sa primaries sa sarili nyang bakuran— kaya siguro pumayag makipagmiting kay Trillanes.

Miting ito ng mga talunan na wala na future sa pulitika.

Malamang ang napagkasunduan dito ay titirahin ni Rubio sa senado nila si Duterte…

The #ArrestTrillanes seems to gain traction on social media, if the response on Facebook is our basis.

Rephael Catap writes: “make this happen PRRD. Sick of Trillanes and his cohorts destabilizing our country. Let them pay.”

Netizen Melvin Perez Morales thinks treason dies not apply to Trillanes. “Trillanes cannot be charged of Treason, under the law,it requires the Philippines be involved in a ‘war’ before it consider as treason. But I think espionage case will do. Lawyers here please enlighten us. 😁”

Your reaction?

Credits to Krizette Chu, FVP Leni Robredo FB page, Mike Acebedo Lopez, Van Ybiernas

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