Artist/architect from Sarangani defends P50M+ cost of “kaldero”, laments critics lack of appreciation of arts & zero knowledge on intricacies of construction


This is the emphatic opening of the Facebook post of a self-confessed Dutertard from Sarangani in reaction to the criticism heap on the SEA Games “cauldron” that Drilon called the giant “kaldero”.

Butch Ruiz Baliao, who described himself on his Facebook “About” page as ARTIST and PATRIOT (Architect, Interior Designer, Painter, Muralist, Chef, Dutertard) remarked that the “Pilosopong Tasyo” in the Filipino was clearly working here that’s why Drilon did not have a hard time convincing some Filipinos to swallow his black propaganda vs the Duterte admin hook, line and sinker.

THE PILOSOPONG TASYO in the Filipino belittles the SEA Games giant torch as just a simple cauldron, or kaldero, and a very expensive kaldero at that.

At this juncture, Baliao began his monologue (just kidding) on why the government spent P55-million to build the the giant “kaldero” which Drilon and his supporters impute as extravagance.

Baliao explained that the cauldron is where the torch’s flame would light up. To fuel the flame is gas that is supposed to come from storage tanks to the top of the tower. And this process requires complex mechanical and piping mechanism, hence the cost. On top of that, the monolithic tower requires special foundation for it to last for years.

BUT THE FACT IS, this kaldero, so named after the cauldron-like basin at the top which resembles the Filipino cooking pan, is where the torch’s flame would light up. The energy for the flame would probably be gas that is supposed to emanate and be transmitted safely from its storage tanks to the top of the tower which will require complicated mechanical and piping systems. The monolithic tower alone also requires a special foundation. Hence, the P55M price tag.

Baliao ended the FB post by taking a swipe at critics who he accused of lacking appreciation for the arts, lacking or zero knowledge of construction and relying on pure ignorance ang bigotry.

“THE PROBLEM WITH SOME PEOPLE is that aside from their lack of art appreciation, they cannot understand the intricacies of construction and just rely on pure ignorance, and yes, bigotry.”

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