“Asan na concern mo sa maliliit na tao, Grace Poe?” — Manila Bulletin writer asks the senator known for her campaign slogan,”Tuloy Poe ang aksyon”

Manila Bulletin writer took to socmed to call out Senator Grace Poe and colleagues for their deafening silence on the issues of the security guard who held hostages to air ones grievances versus his security agency.

In a Facebook post, Chu shamed the senators who pretended to care for the ABS-CBN employees who will lose their jobs but no one showed interest to even ask if the complaints of the security guard who took hostages in Virra Mall out of frustrations of his agency. “All those Senators who pretended concern for ABS CBN employees who will lose their jobs (but are just really ass kissing to a powerful media network), not once voiced out their concern or desire to have a Senate hearing for Mr Paray, the security guard who was abused and exploited.”

Chu said these senators are silent because they et nothing out it. “Wala, kasi hindi naman sila makikinabang.

Chu then turned her attention at the senator whose campaign slogan in 2016 senatorial election was, “Tuloy POE ang action.” “Asan na concern mo sa maliliit na tao, Grace Poe?”

Chu said that SG Paray’s desperate and violent attempt to air his grievances must be the stark reminder to all Filipinos that the most ignored and neglected of our society need our help. “For his act not to go to waste, Mr Paray’s desperate and violent attempt to be heard must be the splash of cold water to our faces to wake us up, to make us realize that the most ignored and neglected segments of our society need to be pulled up.”

Chu lamented that we can’t depend on our senators to do that for us. We need to cajole or even threaten them to spur them into action. Otherwise, nothing will happen. “And that we can’t really depend on the people we elected into office to do that. Kailangan sila paalalahanan, takutin. Kailangan alam nila that this issue matters to us, the voters, because that’s the only way they will act.”

“Para umepal naman sila.” Chu reasoned.

Chu ended the FB post with a gentle reminder to socmed netizens in particular and the public general who we are as Filipinos. It is just that we elected a bunch of self-serving idiots in the senate. “We are a decent people and I hope we don’t forget that. We are just represented by a bunch of self serving idiots, who ironically represents not the best of our traits, but the worst of it.”

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Source: Krizette Chu

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