At the rate Leni Robredo is churning out one gaffe after the other, Manila Bulletin writer predicts uphill battle for the VP

In the wake of Leni Robredo’s latest gaffe by confusing a nerve for the vein for her IVF drip, netizens are now convinced more than ever that what they’ve heard about Leni Robredo from her PR handlers and rabid supporters that she is more qualified than her rivals for President because of her intellect and college degrees isn’t true.

Speaking of which, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu took to Facebook to talk at length what Leni Robredo’s latest blunder means to the chances of the vice president versus BBM in the 2022 presidential polls.

Basically, Chu argued that at the rate Leni Robredo is making gaffe after another, she will likely lose more of her supporters while BBM will retain or even increase his lead over Robredo and his rivals despite the 30 long years of demonization of BBM’s family, calling them “magnanakaw” “diktador” “human rights violator” and what not. In other words, Chu believes no amount of black propaganda can hurt BBM now as shown by the survey saying that 73% of BBM’s voters will no longer change their mind. The same cannot be said of Robredo. In the same survey, only 50% of her supporters will not change their mind.

Chu argued that if Robredo hopes to pull off a come from behind win over Marcos, she has to work extra, extra hard once the official campaign period opens. But, Chu doubts Robredo can reverse the trend. Unless, PRRD will do her a favor and campaign against BBM in favor of Leni. But that is also a very rare possibility.

You may now read Krizette Chu’s original FB post below.

30 years ago alam na ng lahat na “magnanakaw” “diktador” “human rights violator” ang tingin sa pamilya Marcos.

Everyone who believes this is already not voting for BBM.

Pero every day ang mga tao, may bago na rerealize kay Leni every time she has an interview or live video.

Every day Leni proves her detractors and critics right.

Who do you think between Leni and BBM will lose voters as we inch forward to the elections?

Marcos has already lost all the voters he could lose. Matagal na. In fact, he’s actually gaining new voters who used to be anti-Marcos.

Only 50 percent of those who answered Leni in the surveys consider themselves solid (unchanging, certain) as opposed to Marcos’ 73 percent solid voters (will not change).

So of the 14 percent she has, only 7 percent of those are very sure about her—but every time she opens her mouth or does something facepalm level, I can sense those voters shifting to Ping or Isko.

This isn’t some science. This is common sense:

Unless there’s new major dirt on BBM—which I doubt because they’ve already thrown everything they could last VP elections— Leni will slide further down and some of her “uncertain” voters will be transferring to Isko and Ping.

Only one person has the power and credibility to hurt BBM’s ratings—and that’s Rodrigo Duterte.

He is the only person more popular and credible than him at this point.

Many DDS who are not solid pro BBM will listen to the President, but not one of them will shift to Leni.

Leni’s greatest ally now would have been Duterte—but why would the President ruin the chances of BBM and let Leni benefit, especially when he knows that it’s her party who has started the trouble with him for the ICC?

He isn’t a strategist for nothing.

As Kakampinks drive themselves into making one mistake after another, in their desperation, BBM can sit back, relax, and see his numbers rise or at least remain steady.

If I were him, i will use the time to read up on the issues that will crop up during debates and interviews as the official campaign season commences in a month—a luxury of time not granted Leni, who has to be out and about still trying to get votes and acknowledgment 6 years after being in the public eye.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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