Atenean feels disgusted of the Duterte bashing, starts questioning faith

Ateneo de Davao University

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I may sound like a broken record, but let me reiterate that Mayor Duterte has already asked for an apology for the inadvertent cursing of the Pope.

Speaking of the ‘PUTANG INA’ outburst of Duterte, Rigoberto Tiglao of Manila Times tried to make sense of Duterte’s penchant for using this expression in his column today and says,

Duterte’s putangina bursts out as a reflex expression of explosive anger mixed with on-the-brink exasperation over a desperate situation.

Furthermore, Tiglao explained this and says,

It’s a Tagalog term imported into the Cebuano Visayan by the people of Davao, and is seldom directed against a person but rather, blurted out over an extremely bad, serious or dangerous situation.

Spot on Mr. Tiglao. I speak Cebuano Visayan and this is so true. Although, we rarely use ‘Putang Ina’ in our part of the Visayas because we have other words at our disposal when we are put into a situation that requires us to utter expletives.

Meanwhile, it’s baffling why the CBCP head had to issue a strong reprimand on Duterte in public when he could have done it in private since the issue is very sensitive and polarizing.

To prove my point, here’s another Catholic and Atenean who says her faith is a bit shaken as a result of the church trying to crucify Duterte in public for a mistake he admitted and already paying for it due to the backlash it created on his candidacy.

Let me direct your attention to the open letter below written by Malou Lagaran, an Atenean from Davao City.

I feel so sad and disgusted with the fuss about the Duterte controversy of allegedly cursing the Pope.

My deep abiding faith in the Catholic Church is now in jeopardy. I cannot even accept the fact that my Alma Mater (Ateneo de Davao) has been dragged into this petty bickering but misinterpreted and sensationalized by media.

Having been molded by the Jesuits from kinder to college has afforded me a strong religious foundation, which I have passed on to my children teaching them such values as Fortes In Fide (Strong In Faith), Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam ( For the Greater Glory Of God ), to name a few. Moreover, the pious practice of the Sacraments, praying the Rosary, regularly attending Sunday Mass were all imbued in the hearts and minds of my kids, hoping that one day when I am gone, they will remember me and do the same to their respective families.

It pains me a lot to read these statements of some leaders of the Church who already condemned and crucified a person who have no ambition for power but only a burning desire for peace, unity, honesty and love of country. By issuing such remarks, they have practically mandated a stand in their respective Dioceses. I am afraid that the next time we hear Mass, the priests will nail Duterte to the cross in their sermons.

The Mayor has already apologized for the inadvertent foul language on his speech. Is there a need to bury Duterte in the grave by flaming the issue?

Where is now the advocacy of Pope Francis of MERCY & COMPASSION? If the Vicar of Christ can understand and forgive, then the bishops should do so. Otherwise, and I hate to say this, many devout Catholics will question their own faith and probably consider them as ” hoodlums in robes”.

Let me end this testimony by quoting a verse from the Bible on 1 Peter 4:17 : ” For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the Gospel of God ?”

God bless all of us. God bless the Philippines.#Duterte2016 CBPC repost!


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