Atenean’s message to Grace Poe, hawkish netizens raring for war with China over Recto Bank incident: “Please be sober!”

In the wake of the sinking of the Filipino fishing vessel in the Recto Bank in the West Philippine Sea by a Chinese fishing boat, Senator Grace Poe like some Pinoy keyboard warriors wants PRRD to stand up to China.

To what extent Senator Poe wants PRRD to stand up to China?

Well, here are few lines lifted from the senator’s speech during the graduation rites at the Bulacan State University recently wherein the senator said being weak is not an excuse or China is strong that we don’t fight back even if our dignity as nation has been trampled upon.

“Akalain mo binangga na nga iniwan pa dun para mamatay. Hindi po excuse na sabihin malakas ang China at mahina tayo. Kung nginungudngud na mukha mo sa lupa, hindi ba mas kahiya-hiya sa inyong integridad na hindi lumaban?” 

Poe isn’t alone though.

Online keyboard warriors, especially the anti-Dutertes, who share Poe’s hawkish stance have been making incendiary comments on social media to ignite the emotions of ordinary Filipinos.

For what reason? Obviously, to make PRRD dance to the beat of the war drums his enemies are espousing.

But thanks to the remaining sensible Filipinos like Atenean Pio Goco who refuse to be suck into the bandwagon of the Duterte critics looking for brawl with China.

In a Facebook post Goco, appealed to the Filipinos to be sober and not allow our emotions to get the best of us.

Otherwise, the country may suffer another devastating war we cannot afford at this time.

In case a war erupt against China, Goco painted a grim scenario of the Philippines in the first week of the war.

Goco warned that in 48 hours, the Chinese invasion will be finished, our entire navy sunk in a day or two and Palawan will be annexed in a week.

On one hand, Goco asked the public if would it be more appropriate to buy time and fight another day after we build up our military strength to give China a good fight sometime in the future?

Goco said that if we want peace, then we must prepare for war and bringing back mandatory ROTC is a step forward towards the right direction.

Goco wrote the Vietcong won against an American Superpower in the 60’s because they were seasoned battle hardened fighters, fighting since the end of WWII.

Goco remarked that DU30 is not a lapdog of the Chinese but he understands we are no match now.

Goco noted that PRRD is dancing with the wolves to buy time. And if the inevitable happens, it will not be Bahala na si Batman. But I do know that DU30 will simply not lead his people to a bloodbath massacre..

Goco ended his long post reminding the public of the SAF44 wherein PNoy abandoned them and left for dead because his heart does beat not for the common folks. The war hawks, mostly LP supporters and LP politicians Goco said are the same aloof ideologue liberal lefties who think of you as expendable collateral damage.

You may read Pio Goco’s full FB post now.

I hear of so many knee jerk reactionary Hawks who are raring for a brawl with China. This is why you are all so pathetic. Kasi you are all such emotional creatures. Puro Aray and then Bahala na Inday. This is not your classic backyard brawl where you fight and then Peace Bro! If a brawl happens, prepare to bet your land, men, women and children. So answer the question…. You and what Army? Before you spit on China, best be aware of the historical precedents. We have historically been the battle ground in major battles between super powers. This means while they duke it out, our people, towns and cities get burnt and pulverized. A refrain is said again and again. In WW2, Manila was the 2nd most ruined city after Warsaw, Poland. Maybe that wasn’t enough. You want to be first? Do you want what happened to Manila in WW2 to happen again? Do you want to see your women and children raped and murdered wholesale and your towns burnt to ashes? How many more do you want massacred?

And besides history tells us that our elite Reactionaries more often than not turn to collaborators of the enemies. If you can’t beat em, join em. And why is that? Because there are no permanent hurts, only permanent interests. When push comes to shove, those liberal reactionaries are traitors because it is not about the people’s interests they are concerned with, only theirs. And since they don’t agree to much of what DU30 does, undermining him at all costs even to the point of bringing us to a Royal mess is in their best interest. Because maybe just maybe, all this chaos will bring them power and opportunity. After all it’s not their elite English spokening colonial minded children who will fight these battles, it’s other peoples children. So they have nothing to lose but everything to gain. They will even be yapping from afar when the bombs start falling while they fly to Uncle Sam’s Westland. All this while we all who stay bleed with massive loses here.

In any war scenario today with China, the initial invasion will be finished in 48 hours. Our entire Navy sunk and incapacitated within a day or two. The PLA will be on our ground soon after. Palawan will be annexed in a week. Would it behoove you to buy time so we can prepare to fight another day? It is being widely predicted that the Chinese will try something. They will peel us like an onion. So what’s the counter measure? Yes an ASEAN cum Western Powers alliance against China seems plausible. But still those battles if they happen will take place here. Are you prepared for major casualties? There is a saying.. If you see your enemy far off and it looks like you are only 300 fighting 3M, then it’s suicide to even try baiting the dragon. But it doesn’t mean you will forever bow down to them. If you want peace, prepare for war. And that means enabling our citizens to fight and train for war scenarios. That means modernizing our Armed Forces and bringing back mandatory ROTC. It takes time to build capability. You know why the Vietcong won against an American Superpower in the 60’s? Because they were seasoned battle hardened fighters. Before the US even landed in Saigon, the Vietcong have been fighting since WW2 ended. The only thing we are good at now is fighting in a video game simulation and be an askal keyboard warrior.

DU30 is not a lapdog of the Chinese but he understands we are no match now. So he dances with the wolves in an effort to buy time. And if the inevitable happens, it will not be Bahala na si Batman. But I do know that DU30 will simply not lead his people to a bloodbath Custer massacre.. At least may capability at laban naman tayo if that even happens. Pero since you Liberal Dodo’s are so game for a brawl now, perhaps you should tell us what exactly is your game plan. Kasi if your card is the Americans or another Army other than your own unprepared one, then you don’t know damn shit about war. This isn’t a video game where you can reboot if you are losing, so don’t make it such. Besides history tells us, we are going to be the front lines. So tread carefully because our own able servicemen and women, our people power promise for tomorrow are on the line when the Chinese eat our lunch.

Remember SAF 44? Did the former Cacique President really care when they were abandoned as sitting ducks? Those are the same aloof ideologue liberal lefties who think of you as expendable collateral damage. The 16M Dutertards in a Bobocracy are who they want in the front lines if it was up to them. That’s what they call their take out the trash equalizer. And when the rubber meets the road, I would rather drink poison than trust their judgement. So please be sober.

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