Atenean’s takeaway of latest Trillanes senate exposé versus Bikoy: “PALPAK NA DOUBLE BARREL NI TRILLANES!” Read why!

Outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes IV held a conference attended by mainstream media to give reporters a peek of the evidence he promised to burn Peter Joemel “Bikoy” Advincula and the NBI in case they proceed with the investigation to probe his involvement of the so-called Duterte ouster plot.

Trillanes showed the alleged text messages between “Bikoy” and the unnamed priest wherein the outgoing senator tried to establish a fact that “Bikoy” was, the words of Trillanes, “siya ang nangungulit doon sa mga nagkukupkop sa kanya.”

Trillanes stated this is contrary to the allegations “Bikoy” was spoonfeed, that he was a mere robot controlled by someone.

Trillanes said that during the vetting process, they recorded a video wherein “Bikoy” talked freely without reading a script or getting coached what to say to illustrate his point that “Bikoy” was speaking based on one’s personal knowledge.

However, netizen Ermin Garcia isn’t sold of what outgoing Senator Trillanes peddled to mainstream media reporters.

In a Facebook post, Garcia described Trillanes’ double barrel exposé an EPIC fail.

In the press conference, Garcia remarked that Trillanes was simply trying to discredit “Bikoy” while extricating himself out of the Duterte ouster plot but miserably failed.

Garcia said what was proven in the presentation of the text message exchanges between “Bikoy” and the priest handlers was that Trillanes knew that the Duterte family’s involvement in illegal drugs was fake news and yet the LP’s like Risa, VP Leni and him cried the same thing, “DAPAT IMBESTIGAHAN ANG Du30 FAMILY”! .

Garcia said assuming Trillanes and company weren’t involved in Project Sodoma but the fact they didn’t stop the FAKE expose but hope that “Bikoy” expose would lead the ouster of PRRD, that made them accomplices of the conspiracy to oust the President.

Garcia also noted an undeniable fact that Bikoy was penniless to produce the videos on his own. Therefore, those who would benefit from the Duterte ouster and the midterm elections would likely be the financiers of such undertaking. Ika nga “high risk but high reward”.

Garcia ended the post with an indicting statement that the alibis of Trillanes et al have become tangled after they were exposed.”

You may read Ermin Garcia Jr’s full FB post.

PALPAK NA DOUBLE BARREL NI TRILLANES! Pilit na pinatunayan ni Trillanes na hindi sya involved sa ouster plot kay PRRD sa paglabas ng texts ni Bikoy.

Pero napatunayan din niya na sa paglabas ng texts ni Bikoy na they knew na FAKE NEWS ang pag implicate sa Du30 family. But the whole time, ang sigaw nya, Riza H at VP Leni ay – “DAPAT IMBESTIGAHAN ANG Du30 FAMILY”! .

So assuming na hindi sila ang gumawa ng Project Sodoma, the fact that they didn’t stop the FAKE expose at umasa sila na mapapatalsik si PRRD sa Bikoy “expose,”. ang tawag po dyan ay – – ACCOMPLICES SA CONSPIRACY TO OUST THE PRESIDENT!.🤗

Also what cannot be denied is the fact na walang pera si Bikoy to produce the videos. Those who stood to benefit from Du30s ouster and the midterm elections would be likely be the funders. Dba, Mr Trillanes et al.?

Nagkabuholbuhol na ang mga alibi nila kaya buko juice na sila !! 🤣😂

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