Ateneo alum appeals to Grace Poe, stop politicizing traffic. Otherwise, her career career as a Senator & future President sunk by traffic on Edsa

The writings are on the wall!

Grace Poe should start paying attention to the public and not her naive PR strategist, refrain from using traffic as a weapon to derail the Duterte admin’s plan to untangle the messy traffic in Metro Manila.

Ateneo alumnus Pio Goco has taken to Facebook to warn Grace Poe to stop politicizing traffic. Otherwise, EDSA will be the graveyard of her political career as a senator and presidential ambition.

You may read Gio Goco’s original Facebook post below.

I hate to gang up on Grace Poe. After all we share the same birthday and I am one degree of separation from her. Truth be told, I am much more annoyed by Rissa Hontiveros than her kasi her baritone voice does calm me down. I actually liked her ‘performance’ when she held that fake news hearing when Mocha Uson appeared with Sass Sasot and RJ Nieto. Pero even then may mali kasi that hearing was supposed to be about investigating ‘Cocoygate’ aka Cocoy Dayao for his libelous and slanderous fake news site (PAB) but since the respondent didn’t honor the subpoena to appear, that hearing became a rigmarole to skewer the pro Du30 bloggers instead.

Actually I take it back. Poe was a mess because she should have stopped the hearing there and then and demanded the immediate arrest of Dayao for non appearance in an investigation of national consequence. But instead she had the temerity to turn the tables on her ancilliary guests who did show up to honor the inquest and they got roasted big time. So whatever happened to Cocoy Dayao? Wala! That hearing was just another politicking boondoogle and there was no more follow up after. And the same boondoogle rigmarole goes true with the traffic at EDSA and C5 which has reached crisis proportions. Instead of her recognizing the problem and executing emergency solutions NOW, she blames DoTR Sec. Tugade who has a long record of success in the private and public sector for the problem she has no heart to tackle.

She is politicizing traffic when we are waaaay beyond that already. It is time for clear cut solutions which the good Sec Tugade has been ready to address for over two years ongoing but she chooses to defray it in favor of tainting the witness. So stop it. Pls stop it! EDSA is a clusterfuck of a mess. At midnight, we are still crawling! That is so crazy nuts! Magmakaawa naman kayo sa taong bayan who travel to and fro that Thoroughfare. Manila traffic is so Maling mali na. It is impotent governance that this is still a daily crisis largely left unsolved. And Grace Poe leads that pack of all sound, bluster and fury signifying politicking nothing.

PS: Sinasabi din na ang traffic ay egalitarian. Kesyo naka jeepney ka or naka Porsche, pantay pantay kayo sa pagdurusa sa trapik ni Trapoe! And since we want an egalitarian way of governance, yun na! Lahat hatakan pababa. Paktay…

And when the church says take up your cross daily, well eto na nga yun. Going thru Manila traffic is like going thru the stations of the cross. It is a daily pilgrimage of angst and despair. At least si Jesus napako sa Krus and on the 3rd day he rose again. Pero tayo.. Tuloy ang pagdurusa sa Rosario araw araw. Hmmm. Baka the reason why our Senator wants this to continue is because.. Hail Mary Full of Grace… Grace! Grace naman! And Grace comes to save the day in 2022! It will not be her grace… It will be her grave..

So please naman Grace! Smell the Sampaguita! Nasa harap mo na! Ayaw mo pang amuyin at gawan ng paraan! Otherwise doon ka na sa Laguna.. De Bay. Your career as a Senator and future President sunk by traffic on Edsa. Actually at this point, sunk na nga. Mukha ng basang sisiw. Ironically, Lutang kasi..

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Source: Pio Goco

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