Ateneo alumna gives Mark Lopez quick English lesson who made fun of Leni Robredo for “You are in a good place now” birthday message to Kim Chiu

Social media influencer Mela Franco Habijan, a staunch Leni Robredo supporter and an Ateneo alumna, gave radio host Mark Lopez an English lesson who thinks that the phrase “You are in a good place now” means someone just died.

Habijan added that the above-mentioned phrase is different from the idiomatic expression, “You are in a better place.”

The phrase “You are in a good place” means someone is confident and content. In other words, being in a good place means one’s mental state is at peace.

Habijan joked that perhaps Lopez was reminded of the Netflix series, “The Good Place” which is a show about heaven.

Habijan ended the lecture saying she hoped her post has taught something to Mark and the netizens who haha’ed at his FB post.

You may now read Mela Habijan’s original FB post below.

I-correct lang natin si Mark Lopez dahil mali ang understanding niya ng “You are in a good place”.

“You are in a good place”
is an idiomatic expression that means someone is confident, at content. Being in a good place means one’s mental state is at peace.

Iba ito sa “You are in a better place.” Ito yung idiomatic expression na sinasabi sa taong namatay.

Baka naalala niya kasi yung The Good Place, na TV show about heaven na mapapanood din sa Netflix.

Yun lang. Nawa’y may natutunan si Mark at yung mga nag-haha sa post niya against VP Leni. 💖🌸🇵🇭 

Here are some of the reactions of Leni supporters below.

One netizen was glad that a fellow Kakampink for pointing out Mark Lopez’s error.

Truly little knowledge is dangerous, some can dare correct a lawyer who graduated wt a degree in Economics from the country’s top University. I wish these apologists would have the decency to do a little research before shooting down a lady with far more intelligence and eloquence than them. Thank you Mela Franco Habijan for pointing out that error! #IpanaloNa10To #LetLeniLead

Another netizen advised Mark Lopez to do due diligence before bashing somebody like Leni.

Mark Lopez sana naresearch po muna natin ang definition bago mambash. Thank you. 🙂Pakibasa na lang po ang pangeeducate ni Miss Mela. 🌸🌷

This netizen commented that it’s about time Leni becomes President so she can declare Education Crisis because many Pinoys have zero reading comprehension or having reading comprehension problem.

Dapat talaga maging Presidente na si VP Leni nang maideclare na ang Education Crisis nwawala na mga reading comprehension ng mga yan kaya nagiging apologist. Tsktsk.


Source: Mela Franco Habijan

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