Ateneo alumnus accuses De Lima of using GCTA law to raise election campaign funds after data shows she released 8,932 prisoners when she was SOJ?

It was revealed during the senate inquiry on GCTA law the existence of GCTA-for-sale scheme in our national penitentiary system.

One witness claimed she was asked to pay P50,000 in exchange for the release of her husband. But the price for liberty can be steep depending on the gravity of the crime (heinous), which can go as high as P1.5M. [Link here]

As per article of MSN News, the witness who identified herself as Yolanda Camilon, common-law wife of a minimum security inmate at the NBP in Muntinlupa, told senators she was approached by a certain BuCor Maj. Maribel Bansil last February who offered to have her husband freed in exchange for P50,000, which can be paid in installments.

This was confirmed by no less than NBI Director Atty. Dante Gierran who read the text exchanges between Camilon and BuCor officer 3 Veronica Buno last February 21, 2019.

In the text message of Buno, she told Camilon that she already told Mabel ( BuCor Maj. Maribel Bansil) that will meet later.

At this pint, Gordon spoke and told Buno that it was confirmed that she had conversation with Camilon. Gordon also mentioned the “Bulaluhan” and that he tried to catch her if she was lying and Buno replied, “Negative.” Gordon asked Buno if she did talk to Camilon and she replied “negative”.

Gordon declared that Buno is indeed not telling the truth.

Buno replied to Gordon saying she was invoking her right against self-incrimination. To which Gordon replied that it was too late.

Gordon told Buno she should have her right against self-incrimination earlier but she already denied talking to Camilon but the text message proved otherwise.

Bansil then brought Camilon to SSgt. Ramoncito Roque, who heads BuCor’s documents office. Bansil’s phone was ordered confiscated by the committee for forensic examination.

When pressed for answer by Gordon if indeed she did not talk to Camilon, Buno insisted that she did not talk to Yolanda Camilon, suggesting the NBA was lying about the text message.

When Gordon asked NBI Director Gierran that indeed they did not talk in person? Gierran agreed with Buno that she did to talk to Camilon but they did talk via text messages. Huli ka!

Gordon then rephrased his question and pressed on against Buno by asking her if she talked to Camilon by text? Buno relented and answered in the affirmative.

Moving forward, it was revealed that Camilon deposited P10,000 as an initial payment to Roque at his residence at the NBP, and paid P20,000 twice within the month to complete the payment for her husband’s freedom last March.

Unfortunately, Camilon’s husband was not released from incarceration as promised. Initially, she was told that her husband was due for release on April, then June and postponed further to September.

As Camilon was becoming impatient, she met Traya twice, who was introduced to her by Roque as his subordinate.

According to MSN, during one of the meetings, Camilon inquired about Traya, to which Bansil replied that the latter already got death threats and will soon die.

Camilon asked for a refund because her husband was set for release on October anyway but to no avail.

You may watch the video below.

Meanwhile, during the senate inquiry it was also revealed that then SOJ De Lima was the topnotcher in releasing convicts at 8,932 prisoners including 3,943 perpetrators of heinous crimes, followed by SOJ Guevarra who released 3,746 convicts, inlcuing 1,790 prisoners who committed heinous crimes.

Netizen blogger Francis Abraham took the liberty to share this shocking discovery on Facebook, generating angry reactions versus de Lima from fellow netizens.

Abraham couldn’t help but arrive with his conclusion that de Lima and LP used the GCTA law to raise funds for election.


It turns out that of all Justice Secretaries, Leila de Lima had the most number of prisoners released at a whopping number of 8,932. Of those released, 3,943 were perpetrators of heinous crimes. Leila’s number of heinous crime offenders released tops all the numbers of the other three DOJ secretaries added together!

Leila has a fondness for prisoners. Pinagkakitaan talaga ni Leila ang mga preso, mula sa drugs hanggang sa GTCA!
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Netizen Paul Garcia Sandoval said that on database standpoint, the incumbent SOJ has avaraged more releases of heinous crimes per month compared to de Lima.

On a database discussion standpoint, what is more relevant is the number of heinous releases per month on a DOJ Secretary basis. Go figure.

To which netizen Adrian Quintana seemed to agree with Sandoval. They’re all the same. the data is not that accurate. yes the numbers are there BUT if you base it on the average number of prisoners released, starting 2016 sobrang mas marami pinakakawalan. It just so happens that De Lima served 5 years kaya mas malaki number nya. At the pace of the current DOJ secretary, mas lalagpasan pa nya si De Lima if umabot sya sa 5 years tulad ni De Lima. To me, that seems like pakawala na lang ng pakawala without thinking. Serves the question, bakit ang bilis? Again, not a pro or anti yellow or duterte here. Just stating what I see.

Francis Abraham replied to Adrian Quintana’s statement. The republic act was signed only 2013. Then there would be the implementing rules. Given that, she would have had 2 years or less to release that much prisoners. Terrible!!!!!

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