Ateneo alumnus dares Manny Pacquiao to take essay writing test to convince public he is PolSci grad & qualified to run for President

“TAKE IT ESSAY” This is title of the Facebook post of Ateneo de Davao alumnus and Davaoeno Raymond Satnamul as a suggestion to Senator Manny Pacquiao to once and for all clear any doubts of the public regarding his PolSci degree from University of Makati.

“If Senator Manny Pacquiao is indeed a Poli Sci graduate, he should pass a test to convince the Filipino people that he is mentally fit to become President of the Republic, 🤭 Raymond Satnamul wrote.

In addition, Raymond Satnamul’s essay test challenge for Pacquiao is to determine whether he can write, which is one of requirements for any Filipinos who wants to become President of the country as per 1987 Constitution.

“According to Article VII, Section 2 of the 1987 Constitution, an individual may become President provided…among others:

– He must be able to READ and WRITE.”

“I am 100% sure that Pacman can read – but the question is – can he write?” Raymond Satnamul asked.

“Remember, running for president is like applying for a job,” he said.

Raymond Satnamul went on to lay down the mechanics of Pacquiao’s essay writing test.

“So, here’s the deal. Let him write an essay containing one paragraph with a minimum of 100 words and within 10 minutes only.

The essay writing exercise must be beamed live on national television with 2-3 members of the media (preferably proficient in English) who will act as judges.

The topic of the essay shall be announced only during the live press conference. The following criteria should be applied:

Creativity – 40%
Structure – 20%
Relevance – 10%
Grammar – 10%
Length – 10%
“Wow!” factor – 10%
TOTAL: 100%

The passing grade must be 75 percent.
If he passes the test, then he’s telling the truth and maybe, just maybe – I might vote for him. 🤫


Raymond Satnamul’s “take it essay” challenge to Manny Pacquiao has created quite a buzz on his wall, generating 630 reactions, 221 comments and 123 shares in just 11 hours and counting.

Here are some of the comments of netizens below.

“Yes, He should take an examination to justify if He is indeed a graduates of Polsci to prove He is worthy.”

“Paktay ka Pacman, yes he should undergo in this criteria to determine he’s capabilities as a polsci…”

“Boss naman walang ganunan 😅😅


Source: Raymond Satnamul

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