Ateneo alumnus reacts to Duterte visiting wake of people he does not know: Like a father to a son!

The President visited the wake of 2Lt Alejo, killed by ambush, at St. Peter’s Chapel in Panacan, Davao City on February 3,2017.

Facebook user and Ateneo alumnus Monching Lumantas shared the photos of Duterte wherein he was seen comforting the mother of the fallen soldier by giving her a hug and staying at the wake longer than he should, knowing his busy schedule.

Duterte comforts mother of fallen officer while his husband watches.

Duterte comforts mother of fallen officer while husband watches. Photo owned by Mr. Lumantas

Duterte sat beside 2Lt. Alejo’s mother in the wake to console a mourning Mom. Photo owned by Mr. Lumantas

Mr. Lumantas wrote a moving caption of the heartbreaking photo, complimenting President Duterte for walking the extra mile visiting every soldier’s wake as a sign of respect for sacrificing their lives for country and duty.


There is no other Commander-in-Chief in this country”s history who has shown the deepest compassion and condolences to a fallen soldier and his bereaved family…until now😢

President Rodrigo Duterte was in utter pain as he embraces and comforts Mrs. Nelia Alejo, mother of Second Lieutenant Miguel Victor Alejo who was killed in an encounter with communist rebels at Sitio Paliwason, Barangay Lambog in Manay, Davao Oriental last February 1,2017.

Duterte’s gesture is a breath of fresh air to many people who can’t resist comparing him to former Pres. Pnoy who told reporters when asked why did not visit the wake of Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude, the transgender killed by American soldier:  “Going to wakes of people he doesn’t know makes me uncomfortable.”

Social media people praise Duterte for working hard and playing his role to the hilt as the father of the nation.

” True president showed compassion on what his soldiers’ felt,” Peterz Derro wrote.

Ngayon lng tlaga ako nakakita ng presidente napakadown to earth!” Gracia Regala commented.

Jullianna Rose Panay Dongon remarked she was moved to tears while looking at the photos for reason she could not understand.

“Hapang tiniting nan binabasa hindi ko alam naiyak napala ako….ying pakiramdama na di ka pinabayaan…yung pakiramdam na salamat sa dios…na my tatay digong sa puso at buhay natin…ang sarap ng pakiramdam na my masandalan ka….c tatay digong yan ILOVE U!  Soon makita at mayakap din kita….tay…condolence sa family.”

Credits to Monching Lumantas

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