Ateneo de Davao alumnus’ bold prediction – Parlade to become 7th PMA alumni to win senate seat if…

A certain Monching Satnamul or Monching Lumantas boldly predicted in a Facebook post with the title “A SOLDIER’S DESTINY” that the Philippine Military Academy will have another alumnus elected as Senator of the Republic after retiring from service.

“In the annals of Philippine election history, there are only six(6) alumni of the prestigious Philippine Military Academy (PMA) who retired from active military service and later became a Senator of the Republic. 😦

Monching listed the names of PMA alumni and the year they were elected as senators, including the number of terms.

They are the following :

1. Eulogio Balao – is the first PMAer to hold office in the national level. He was elected senator in 1957 and served until 1963 ;

2. Rodolfo Biazon – elected in 1992, 1998 and 2004;

3. Gregorio Honasan – elected in 1995, 2001, 2007 and 2013 ;

4. Panfilo Lacson, first served from 2001–2013 and again from 2016 up to the present ;

5. Antonio Trillanes IV – elected in 2007 while in prison for rebellion charges. He was re-elected to his 2nd term in 2013-2019 ; and

6. Ronald Dela Rosa – placed 5th overall in the 2019 senatorial elections. His term will end in 2025.

At this juncture, Monching named the PMA alumnus who will join six other PMA mistahs as the next Senator of the Republic.

“Next year, I have a gut feeling that there will be a seventh. Who shall it be? No one else but my true and through fraternal brother – Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade”

Monching proceeded to crunch the numbers to see how many votes Parlade will get in case he decides to throw his hat in the senate race in 2022 election. The kicker is, Parlade will win if he will have the backing of the entire population of AFP. Not to mention the PNP, Mason brothers and the millions of DDS who showed their voting power in the last election by giving the senate seats to members of the 15 senators whom he called ‘STUPID 15’ but now have withdrawn their trust and support because of frustration.

Will he win? Here’s my two cents.

The General will surely have the backing of the entire population of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Look at the numbers : (as of 2020)

– Active personnel : 140,000 (All branches)

– Reserve personnel : 770,000 (Army, Navy, Air Force Ready Reserves)

– Retired personnel : 350,000 (Officers & Enlisted)

Multiply the total by 5 which is the average number of voters in one family – PLUS – his peers in the PNP and brethren in the Masonic Fraternity, his followers on Facebook and Twitter, not to forget the millions of Duterte Diehard Supporters and just recently – a large number of voters who voted in the past for the infamous ‘STUPID 15’ senators but now have suddenly withdrawn their trust and support borne out of frustration.

Monching figured, Parlade will easily get 20M votes and might even land in the top spot if he decides to run.

“When all is said and done, the General can easily get 20M votes and might even land in the no. 1 spot if he will give it a shot.”

Monching Satnamul ended the FB post with a prayer for Parlade’s victory.

“By the grace of the GAOTU and the Almighty, his travel on a ‘rough and rugged’ road beset with dangers and intrigues shall catapult him to victory. ✊

📸: photo courtesy of Cecille Parlade



A SOLDIER’S DESTINY In the annals of Philippine election history, there are only six(6) alumni of the prestigious…

Posted by Monching Satnamul on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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