Ateneo grad exposes Kris Aquino’s clever plan to abandon LP and become DDS but blew her chance after picking up fight with Mocha?

As public interest wanes in the Mocha Uson-Kris Aquino brouhaha, netizens have offered different analysis of the drama between the two leading social media influencers.

Ateneo graduate Karlo Antonio Galay David’s Facebook post has been getting quite a buzz on social media.

David wrote that Kris made a big and costly political mistake that ruined her chances of cementing her credentials as a DDS.

According to David, the “Korean kiss” was her chance to become accepted as full-pledged DDS but blew it when she chose to make the issue personal by attacking Mocha Uson for posting the video of her father kissed by two women on the plane.

If Kris had the foresight and simply ignored Mocha Uson’s post, she could have succeeded in convincing DDS that she had abandoned LP and shifted allegiance to Duterte. Not David’s exact words but that’s the context of his viral Facebook post.

In short, Kris lacks the astuteness of a seasoned politician to turn every opportunity into her advantage.

Karlo David described Kris inconsistency as “katanga” or stupid.

Anyway, I urge you to read the full text of David’s post for your reference.

“Kris Aquino committed a big political mistake.

She shifted allegiance to the Duterte camp when she picked a fight with Korina Sanchez. That received mixed reactions.

The Korean kiss was her chance to solidify her DDS cred.

‘There is nothing wrong with Duterte kissing consenting female supporters in a convivial and non-malicious context, just as there was nothing wrong with daddy or Noy doing so.’

That statement could have made her a crucial DDS figure: the catalyst for a pro-Duterte reading of the Aquino legacy (something which is very possible considering how Digong owes his political beginnings to EDSA). If she was trying to be a mole it would equally have worked better, as it would have worsened the already emerging divisions within the pro-Duterte camp over the Marcos legacy.

But she instead chose to make it about her and her family being attacked by Mocha Uson, when Mocha was trying to say there was nothing wrong with what Duterte and Ninoy were doing (when Mocha Uson compares you to Duterte, you should be flattered).

Kris Aquino could not resist playing the victim, and now she has made herself inconsistent. Katanga.

She made it about her when, as Mocha’s soundbite now makes it abundantly clear, ‘this is not about her.’

This isn’t just about bad acting, this is about bad scriptwriting.”

Your thoughts?

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