“Attack ads” originate from LP says Binay camp, Roxas twits Binay to answer allegations leveled against VP

The camp of VP Binay accused the camp of Roxas as responsible behind the series of negative TV ads taking a swipe at VP Binay on national TV.

The series of negative political ads appears on national TV recently do not show the face of the candidate it is attacking, but very clearly, the ads are taking pot shots at VP Binay.

The ads have different versions wherein ordinary people claiming to be VP Binay supporters challenged him to answer the series of allegations leveled against the Vice-President including the overpriced hospital equipment for the Ospital ng Makati.

The camp of VP Binay suspects that the mastermind behind the negative ads are the Liberal Party and camp of Mar Roxas to undermine the candidacy of the UNA Presidential bet.

Senator Nancy Binay, daughter of the VP Binay is convinced that the camp of Mar Roxas is responsible for the malicious TV ads.

Kung baga sila yung may pinakamalaking possibility dahil sa kanilang resources to resort to that kind of mudslinging. (I think it is highly probable because they have the resources to resort to that kind of mudslinging.)

Mar Roxas quickly dismissed the insinuations that the negative ads on TV came from their camp and instead challenged VP Binay to answer the allegations leveled against him.

Lahat na lang ng mga pagbibintang ay binabaling sa atin. Ang punto dito ay sagutin na lang kasi ang lahat ng mga isyu na ito eh. (All the allegations are being leveled against us. The point here is to answer all these issues.)

Caloocan Congressman Edgar Erice, LP Chairman for Political and Electorate Affairs also categorically denied their camp is responsible for the negative ads.

Definitely not. Kung gagasto kami, para kay Secretary Mar Roxas at VP candidate Leni Robredo at hindi para kay Binay. Matagal na nilang sinasabi yan eh ng buong Pilipinas ng buong bansa na kailangang ipaliwanag. Definitely not. If we spend (money) we spend it for Secretary Mar Roxas and VP bet Leni Robreo, not for VP Binay. Pero hindi nya ipinapaliwanag at dinadaan nya sa paliwanag na ito ay politika lahat. (It has been a long time that people have been saying in the country that VP Binay should clarify the issues being hurled against him. But, VP Binay refuses to clarify the issues against him. Instead, he resorts to releasing statements blaming everything to politics. It is but appropriate that he should explain everything.)

Senator Gringo Honasan, Vice-Presidential tandem of the VP Binay responded to reporters when pressed for a statement regarding the controversial TV ads.

Don’t expect any admissions. But that’s part of the game, I hope it does not become worse because it is distracting the electorate from what should be an articulation of platforms and programs.

Meanwhile, Comelec Commissioner Christian Robert Lim has something to say on the matter in regards to the negative ads on TV.

The question whether it breaks others laws that are not regulated by the COMELEC, whether it breaks libelous laws, ganun but as far as I am concerned, it is still partisan political activity.

Atty. Rico Quicho, one of Binays’s spokesperson believes that the LP camp is responsible for the “attack ads” aimed at VP Binay.

The participation of the Liberal Party (LP) in the conspiracy to destroy the Vice President’s reputation is clear and obvious.

By the way, this type of negative ads is a common fixture on American television during elections. Below is a sample of a negative ad attacking Democrat candidate for President John Kerry when he ran against George W. Bush.

The Pinoy brand of political ads is distinct from the Americans in the sense that our political ads dwells on the positives about the candidate.

But the “attack ads” against the Vice President are different and clearly shows an American flavor.

Did you know that Grace Poe has been victimized by such negative ads lately, but it did not appear on national TV? The videos against Senator Grace Poe were uploaded on the Facebook Page Supporters of Truth, but these videos were since taken down.

By means of deduction, there are only three possible camps that could be the mastermind behind the “attack ads” and that point to the camps of Duterte, Santiago and Roxas.

If you think about it, who do you think has the resources to pay the big TV networks to show these ads on national TV everyday?

Try doing a google search and you may stumble upon a candidate employing an American PR firm as early as 2014 to improve his public image.

What can say about these negative ads surfacing lately?

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