Attacking a president so loved & adored by the people to advance your political ambition is su!cide — Jay Sonza to presidential aspirants

Attacking a president so loved and adored by the people to advance your political ambition/obsession is suicide. This is the assertion of retired broadcaster Jay Sonza in his latest FB post.

Sonza can’t help but question the rationale behind the attacks directed at President Duterte who enjoys a high approval and satisfaction ratings.

What do you hope to gain by trying to vilify a top performing leader of a country with a 91% approval and satisfaction ratings.

Sonza found it irresistible not to ask the critics of President Duterte regarding their goal – to destroy his image whose achievements cannot be written in just a dozen pages.

What do you envision to achieve by trying very hard to destroy his image. A president whose achievements and undertakings for the people cannot be written in just a dozen pages of our History.

In fact, Sonza wrote, you need an entire book to cite Duterte admin’s achievements in the 6 years of his term.

You need an entire book written to enumerate the complete turn around of our political landscape in the country, the economic infrastructures built, the stability of our domestic and external security threat, the robust gains in international and foreign relations and the trust of the Pilipino in their government.

On that Duterte, Sonza made a bold prediction that in the coming 2022 polls, the Opposition will suffer another humiliating defeat by virtue of Duterte’s legacy of achievements.

Therefore, I dare say that the old styled politics of the opposition will find itself flushed again in the deepest recesses of the sceptic tank of hubris’ waste.

Here’s how netizens react to Jay Sonza’s FB post.

I agree entirely on your thoughts sir jay! A hidden agenda indeed for politicians, as I always say you can never put a good man down, especially this president! Hope Sara runs and there’ll be no chance for anyone to win against her! I love the Dutertes..remarked a netizen.

The duly elected president’s term is to officially terminate in about 10 months from now. In more than 50 years as an electorate, l have seen nothing like what this president had done to help improve the lives of the people, with all these fine infrastructures of roads, bridges, airports, seaports, school buildings all over the country done in a span of only five years and going; putting neighborhoods peaceably with a meaningful approach to solving the drug menace, criminality, insurgency or terrorism, etc.,etc., etc. seconded another netizen.

They are destroying the integrity of our President para hindi na makapag endorse ng kandidato this coming election.. i hope yang mga yan ang ma zero vote. Hwag na iboto mga politikong over staying na for several years and yet walang nagawang mabuti para sa bayan.. the likes of Gordon Lacson Hontiveros Villanueva Binay Pacquiao Recto Drilon Pangilinan De Lima Pati yan si Bato, stated another netizen.

True Sir! The opposition has no achievement(s), kaya yan maninira nlng..same old same old..chimed in another.

As of this writing, Sonza’s post has generated 4,349 reactions, 302 comments and 382 shares in 8 hours and counting.


Source: Jay Sonza

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