Atty. Ahmed belittles Yorme Isko’s vaccination drive policy – “first come, first served” is not a rule of order

Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan of the Luminous isn’t impressed of Yorme Isko Moreno’s vaccination policy implemented in Manila and he was very vocal about it in his latest FB post.

“The ‘first come, first served’ is not a rule of order.”

“It is the default order of things when no rules exist. It is the minimum criterion of civility expected of sane and intelligent human beings,” Atty. Paglinawan explained.

Atty. Paglinawan asserted that any Mayor of a big city who automatically implement this policy is just lazy and cannot claim success in an endeavor simply because he imposed this rule.

“If you are a mayor of a big city, you cannot claim success in an endeavor just because you imposed this rule. Because you didn’t. What you did is laze around. And when you got called out on your vice, you tried to save your ass by citing this non-rule.”

Come on, Mr. Moreno. This isn’t showbiz anymore,” Atty. Paglinawan said to Yorme.

Hiding behind the ‘first come, first served’ rule is just plain stup!d.

“You can’t say dumb things like that anymore.”

As of this writing, Atty. Ahmed’s post has generated 2,973 reactions, 70 comments and 57 shares.

“Love this Atty. GOD Is good, Mr. Moreno’s true capability and character UNBOXED! May GOD continue to reveal the truth on all aspirants for the top position. GOD save the Philippines,” commented a netizen grateful to Atty. Ahmed for the post.

“what do you expect sa mga lumaki sa movie industry? iba ang reel world sa real world.tayo pinoy ang may pagkukulang nakita lang sa patalastas ay ga gayahin na rin” asked a netizen.

“Diyan kasi magandang magpa photo-ops at magpa-bida. Etneb-etneb lang ang diskarte din. Ahahaha” remarked a netizen on why Yorme favors this policy.

This netizen explained that Yorme is implementing the said policy because he has low regard for his constituents.

“Ang tingin po yata nia e mga busabos at walang dignidad yang mga pinapipila nia sa baha tapos gusto nia maging pres ,ha ha kawawang mga pinoy pag yan ang naging pres dahil kung ganyan ang attitude nyan sa mamayan.”



Source: The Luminous

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