Atty. Ahmed to Yorme Isko: It’s not enough you do your people a service. Need to serve them safely & away from added harm

“Uhuh, that’s a lovely story, Mr. Moreno.”

This the sarcastic reaction of Atty. Ahmed of the Luminous on latest statement from Yorme Isko Moreno defending his policy of pushing through with Manila’s vaccination drive come hell or high water.

Turning serious, Atty. Ahmed reminded Yorme Isko one of the basic function of the government and that is, to protect them from known dangers and certain dangers and when necessary even from themselves.

“But, you see, government is there in order to protect the people from known and certain dangers. At times, it’s there to protect the people even from themselves.”

“Government officials are presumed to know better than most of the citizens in terms of science and technology in relation to policy. You should know better than the people that exposure to rain and flood presents so many health risks: Cough, colds, leptospirosis and a host of many other serious diseases,” Atty. Ahmed added.

In other words, doing a public service is not enough but serve them well, safe and free from harm.

“It’s not enough that you do your people a service. You need to serve them safely and away from additional harm.”

“That’s what being a leader is all about,” Atty. Ahmed asserted.

As of this writing, Atty. Ahmed’s FB post has generated 3,517 reactions, 79 comments and 21 shares in just an hour and counting.

Followers of the Luminous wasted no time in expressing their sentiment in the comment section versus slam Yorme Isko Moreno.

“True, never be disagree.. The government should ensure all the necessary precautions to protects its People.”

“Kulang ka sa critical thinking. You need to explore the essence of empathy and humanity.”

“Kulang sa seminar ng safery first. Umiral ang pagka-engot.”

“Sumobra hangin din nito.”

“Kamote pala tong si Yorme eh. Puro pa pogi lang. 😆

“Walang pinagkaiba sa katwiran ni Abnoy to ah. Pareho ng logic. Ni hindi man mag-isip ng mas mainam para din naman sa taong bayan kahit ba sabihin niyang libre ang bakuna na para din sa lahat.”


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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