Atty. Angeles writes open letter to ‘clueless media’ after Doris Bigornia tried to pull a fast on Duterte

I assumed you already watched the video of Doris Bigornia trying to pull a fast on Duterte by asking him, “who is the next mayor to go 6 feet under?”

The senior ABS-CBN reporter, apparently trying to be smart-ass ended up getting devoured alive by Duterte, perhaps forgetting she was asking a veteran government prosecutor before becoming the long time mayor of Davao City and now, a Malacanang occupant.

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, a known Duterte supporter reminded the media to refrain from engaging Duterte in a play of words because lawyers in general are trained with “word-swordplay in court” and if you are made of lesser stuff, you will end up with your egos beaten to a pulp.

Read the post below.

Dear Clueless Media People who try to pull a fast one.

Rodrigo Duterte was a bad ass prosecutor, a litigator. He tried cases in court, faced criminals, tangled with recalcitrant witnesses and lying accused and accusers. That’s the equivalent of bloody trench warfare or close quarters combat. When conducting direct or cross examination, he would never have asked a question he did not already know the answer to.

The man is sharp and trained. He chooses his words. He reads conditions and situations. He knows when he will survive a tasteless joke. He knows how to use the doublespeak using legal terms interspersed in layman’s language so that journalists fall into his carefully laid traps.
He says, “I will kill you if you destroy my country.”

1. The “you” is not identified. Therefore, it cannot be considered a threat that is punishable as a crime.
2. The “if” lays a condition. It’s a general condition that implies that he will be responding in defense of his country or a person. Which means he lay down an exculpatory circumstance.
3. He did not direct his remarks at any person or agency. No person can feel alluded. No case can be made for inciting or compelling any person to commit a crime on his behalf.

The man has got game. So much so that lawyers need to take a second to read his intentions into what he just said. Journalists unfamiliar with the word-swordplay in court will find themselves out of their league.

Writers make a living with words, yes. But so do lawyers.

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Video here.

Source: Atty. Trixie-Cruz Angeles