Atty. Bruce Rivera bares why he ceases calling Winnie Monsod “Mareng Winnie” in latest FB post

Winnie Monsod aka “Mareng Winnie” is a segment host of the GMA 7 morning show “Unang Hirit” whose job is to provide input on issues related to the economy.

Building on the popularity of her monicker “Mareng Winnie” whose opinion has been trusted by the people for the longest time, “Mareng Winnie”, in the words of Atty. Bruce Rivera, “elevated that to being the village conscience as the annointer of who is pasaway” via her TV show “Bawal ang Pasaway”.

However, Atty. Bruce Rivera says Winnie Monsod has lost the right to be called  “Mareng Winnie” which he explained in his latest FB post. You may read the full text of his post below.

“Now let me return the favor and call out this woman who claims to be the kumare of every Filipino. “Kumare” is a term of familiarity. If you want to be called such, it must be that you are familiar with the life and sentiment of the person. “Kumare” is akin to a term of endearment among people not related by blood but on a super-friend or almost brothe or sister category. The millenial version of “bhe” or “bez”.

Perhaps, the least you can do is rename your program as Bawal ang Hindi LP because clearly you will not call out the LP even if pasaway sila. Did you even call Abaya for the bagons of the MRT, Abad for the DAP and PDAF issues, PNoy on the SAF 44, Soliman on the stinking food for Yolanda victims or even Kris for using the chopper? I would not have minded how demeaning, abrasive, judgmental, combative, snappish and undiplomatic you were to MOCHA USON BLOG and myself when we guested on your show if you at least called these people out.

People for the longest time trusted your opinion because you were their “kumare”. And you elevated that to being the village concience as the annointer of who is pasaway. But since you have already taken this very unpopular and corrupt party in your cudgels, a perception that propagated even against the mainstream media neutralizing and mitigating the reality of their (LP) actions, then do not misrepresent yourself as our Kumare.

Or on our part, we cease to call you Mareng Winnie. Perhaps because your betrayal placed you in the same league as the kumare who screwed with your kumpare.”

The post has quickly gathered 489 shares, 3,120 reactions and 254 comments and counting.

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