Atty. Bruce Rivera dares Sen. Drilon on #RevGen: “Imprison the millions all over the Philippines who called for it”

As per Inquirer article dated December 1, 2017, Drilon asked Pres. Duterte to hold the people pushing for RevGov liable for committing an illegal act.

Drilon made the statement in the wake of the November 30 event wherein thousands of #RevGov proponents came out of the streets in key cities across the country urging Duterte to declare a revolutionary government.

Atty. Bruce Rivera, a staunch Duterte supporter and #RevGov supporter disagrees with the senator from Iloilo and dared the senator to arrest all the millions all over the Philippines who called for it in his open letter.

Rivera writes:

Senator Drilon,

If you want to us to be punished just because we are calling for the President to declare a revolutionary government or call for a referendum on that matter, then imprison the millions all over the Philippines who called for it outside the streets, inside their homes and in social media. Tingnan lang natin kung makakahanap ka ng kulungan na kasya kami.

Just because the organizers called it RevGov means it is a rebellion and thus, illegal. You called the fund scam “Pork Barrel” and we did not see you in barrel. The people never took a territory, occupied a government building and took up arms against the government. We also did not commit coup d’etat because there was no swift attack with violence and intimidation directed against the government. In fact, we are asking our President to exercise a constitutional power. Inciting to sedition and sedition as a crime requires a public and tumultuous uprising which was not the case yesterday. It was simple call to action and a show of support.

What is criminal is being complicit in allowing a potentially harmful dengue vaccine to be given to our children without requiring further testing on the medicine. The past administration who made it happen has blood in their hands and yours as well.

Sir, we are trying to build a better nation for our children and putting our hope on our last chance. People like you are a dime a dozen. We produce uninspiring Senators like you every election, those who look good in paper and are as useless as toilet paper. And you breed like rabbits. Duterte comes once in a lifetime so allow us the malady of great expectations. We did expect something from you before and you just became fat and narcoleptic. So we just let you dose off.

Focus your time trying to craft a good defense for the million counts of attempted murder or criminal negligence cases Filipino children will file for all of you when they will have developed dengue for life.

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