Atty. Bruce Rivera on joint presscon of Ping and Isko re Leni Robredo: It is a rebuke on her character as a leader

The presscon drama of the 3 presidential candidates at the Manila Pen yesterday has been mocked, vilified and what not by the supporters of Leni camp on Twitter because they accused Leni of asking to them withdraw from the race and unite behind her own presidential bid.

Of course, the Leni camp, led by the OVP Spox Atty. Barry Gutierrez brushed aside this allegation, calling it falsehoods and pure theatrics of the other presidential bets who are way below Leni in the surveys.

Moving forward, Atty. Bruce Rivera read on the joint presscon of Pink, Isko and Norberto is the simplest yet most on point analysis of the message of Ping, Isko and other presidential candidates want to convey to the public yesterday in Manila Pen with regards to Leni Robredo.

According to Atty. Bruce, the joint presscon at the Manila Pen was a strong rebuke to Leni Robredo’s character as a leader.

You may now read Atty. Bruce’s original FB post below.


Uulitin ko. Elections are about ability to lead and ability to win. You can be the most qualified but if you have no chance of winning, masasayang ang boto.

You can be winnable but you lack the ability to lead.

Ping, Isko, Manny called on Leni to respect their candidacy because sinasabi ni Leni na wala silang ability to win kaya dapat umatras sila.

In effect, sinasabi naman ni Isko, Ping at Manny kay Leni na the ability to lead include the ability to respect any opponent how small or insignificant he or she may be. Being a leader is not winning at all cost but rising in spite of all the adversity.

Many are saying the five man presscon was an attack on Leni’s winnability. And that is partly true.

But what is most apparent is that it is a rebuke on her character as a leader.


Source: Bruce Rivera

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