Atty. Bruce Rivera on the war path against Superficial Gazette who made a mockery of him since mulling a case against Rappler

Atty. Bruce Rivera is once again on the war path, this time against a Facebook page who jeered, made fun of him for mulling a case against Rappler.

The Facebook page is identified with a news website highly critical of Duterte.

Atty. Bruce Rivera have been the subject of below the belt attacks for quite some time now, courtesy of his detractors but the Facebook page Superficial Gazette just made the former lose one’s temper.

Read the post below.

To the engagers of Superficial Gazette:

I am happy that some of you have the balls to attack me albeit the convenience of the forum. You should give some of your balls to those leaders you support.

Let me answer some of your rants.

First of all, I do not know why you are attacking me in the name of the opposition. We are only filing charges against Rappler and its people not the opposition, yet. It only fortifies our earlier suspicion that Rappler is in cahoots with the LP. Your bravado just confirmed it.

Second, I applaud the simplicity of all your brains. I hope I can think like a child like you do so I can argue with you head on. But, God gave me a complicated brain. Let me uncomplicate it. I never announced what I will file, when is the actual filing and the details. If you were thinking, August 21 is always a holiday because someone you hold dear died on that day. So, nobody stupid enough will think I will file it on that day. Seriously. Moreover, I never told the world what we will file. Is it a criminal or civil case? If criminal, is it libel, grave threats, rebellion, RA8484? Alam niyo ba? Tell me nga.

Third, I am happy that you think about me to have angry thoughts. Malibog na bakla? Wait, lahat tayo may libog. Yung wala, bumibili ng gamot para magkaroon nun. Please be aware that no amount of ad hominem attack will affect me. I have an ego as bloated as my balls that it would take a mountain to crush me.

So try your best to attack me. You may anger me for five minutes but I have an ATM card that cures all misery.

Try harder, you dimwits!!!

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