Atty. Bruce Rivera responds to open letter asking him to counter PR offensives of political foes in behalf of PRRD

If you are one those who believe President Duterte needs to do something to counter the evil schemes of his political foes, Atty. Bruce Rivera thinks otherwise.

Yesterday, May 5, 2017, SocMed blogger Sass Rogando Sasot published an open letter on Facebook addressed to President Duterte urging him “to preserve and protect the dignity of that sovereign will that’s being bitchslapped relentlessly by external institutions and foreigners we didn’t elect to govern us.”

While Atty. Rivera shares the frustration of Sass Rogando Sasot and the Duterte supporters for the President’s “nonchalance towards the smear campaign against the Philippines and his rule”, he assured the Duterte supporters that there is nothing to worry since the president is perfectly in control of the situation.

Let me direct your attention to the post of Atty. Rivera below as he elaborated on the issue below.


I have seen recent posts made by PRRD supporters expressing frustration over his apparent nonchalance towards the smear campaign against the Philippines and his rule. And to some degree, I do understand the sentiment.

However, I also understand the predicament of the President. Whether we agree or not, he should be a unifying figure for his people. Yes, he has the support of the majority but for someone like him, he also has the duty to be a President to those who did not support him.

He can use his power. He can employ PR companies to spruce up his image abroad. He can match force with force. But he will not do that. He really does not care and he is right. He is fixing a country and if we expect him to worry about what the NY Times will say then we are actually putting him to his grave prematurely.

You see, Duterte is a doer. He simply executes. His focus is on what he promised to the Filipino people. He did not make any promise to the international community. So screw them. He does not need to appease every world leader just because his opponents have the money to besmirch him. He does not want to pay for people telling the world about the good things because for a doer, that is humiliating. If he is really doing his job correctly, it will speak for itself. He does not need someone to highlight it. Propaganda is only needed if there are no results. To a real executive, the results speaks for itself.

Duterte brought out Filipino pride during a time it was not cool to be Pinoy. He made us more politically aware. He made us more vigilant. He made us more involved. He made us more Filipino. He made us care for the Philippines.

You see, President Duterte does not need to care for his image abroad. They are not his constituents. After all, he has engaged world leaders in ways no President has ever done. He has already planted the seed. The real accountability is for those of us who believe in him to watch it grow and guard it.

We cannot change perceptions by making our President care for what the world will say about him, lies or not. He has a country to run. And why can he afford not to care?

President Duterte knows there are patriots who will care enough never to allow it to happen. The same patriots who elected him to office. And these patriots will do what has to be done regardless of whether or not it has his imprimatur.

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