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Atty. Bruce Rivera takes up cudgels for BBM after OVP Spox took a swipe at him in reaction to Imee Marcos extraordinary housewife remarks

News5 host Atty. Bruce Rivera, Mayor Sara Duterte’s San Beda College of Law classmate/friend (not best friend) and Imee Marcos acquaintance picked up the cudgels for BBM following the snide remarks from OVP Spokesman Atty. Barry Gutierrez.

In case you missed it, Atty. Barry Gutierrez responded that aside from being an extraordinary housewife, VP Robredo is also an an extraordinary lawyer, productive legislator and actual degree holder several times over and of course, duly elected Vice President. This is in reaction to Senator Imee Marcos’ earlier statement describing VP Leni Robredo as an extraordinary housewife and that every presidential aspirant should not be underestimated.

Atty. Barry Gutierrez’s snide remarks elicited a lecture from Atty. Rivera about HUMILITY being a virtue.

Moving forward, Atty. Bruce responded via Facebook post by reminding everyone that humility can be gleaned through the eyes of greater men, which Senator Imee Marcos does possess as shown by her gesture of complimenting Robredo but not vice versa.

Atty. Bruce lamented that humility is a word alien to Atty. Gutierrez as demonstrated by his response.

Atty. Bruce wasted no time to remind Atty. Barry that Leni Robredo’s father was appointed court judge by Pres. Marcos. Perhaps, a little bit of courtesy because 30 years has passed after the EDSA revolt, they can’t seem to move on from the unpleasantries.

Atty. Bruce went on to pepper Atty. Barry with questions in regard to his statement calling Robredo extraordinary blah, blah.

Atty. Bruce said that Atty. Barry can question Sen. Imee all he wants but her proven track record as a senator, a congresswoman and Governor speaks for itself. Most of all, she knows how to give compliments even to her enemies in politics.

Atty. Bruce ended the FB post by leaving netizens with something to think about and reflect.


You can see humility in the eyes of greater men. Imee gave a compliment to Leni, something the latter has never done towards the former. Kahit ang balakang ni Madame, walang puna.

Tapos nagsabi itong extraordinary housewife si Leni, aba ayaw ng tagaboka niyang ubod ng humble kasi extraordinary lawyer, productive legislator and actual diploma holder daw.

Honestly, nakalimutan ata ni Ibarra na ang tatay ni Leni ay HUWES kay Pres. Marcos. Kahit konting modo kasi 30 years after the EDSA Revolt, hindi pa rin nakapagmove on sa unpleasantries. Naging magjowa na ulit si Abbey Viduya kay Jomari after nila nagtikiman nung Guapings, pero ang sariwa pa din para kay Barry.

At extraordinary lawyer? Saan? Ano? Ano bang naimbento niya? Argumentum by palabok para guluhin ang utak ng kalaban.

Productive legislator? Anong batas? Counted ba ang mga ginawa nilang batas ni Banal?

Actual degree holder? Ano?? Talaga lang. Second degree burns kako dahil sunog palagi sa sinasabi.

Please lang, question Sen. Imee all you want but she has proven to be intelligent in the Senate, feisty in the house and an excellent governor. At higit sa lahat, marunong magbigay ng papuri.

Kasi kung ako yan, her humility is inversely proportional to her skills of procrastination.


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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