Atty. Bruce Rivera to Oxford Philippines Society: HINDI DAW OXFORD? EH ANO NGAYON.

On the same day a survey says that BBM is leading presidential candidate by a wide margin, voila, our local media networks and an online news company released a perfectly-time statement from Oxford Philippines Society saying that BBM did not obtain a degree from Oxford as confirmed by the University itself!

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Amid the brouhaha started by Oxford Philippines Society, Atty. Bruce Rivera wrote a reaction post to tell Oxford Philippines Society and local media that he does not care whether BBM graduated with a degree in Oxford as long as he finished something and the public sees BBM behaves and acts like an educated person. He asked in jest if the PH GDP will rise if our president is Oxford educated?

Atty. Rivera told Oxford Society and the local media to stop feeding the public with such stunts. Besides, the qualification is simply able to read and write, even the presidential aspirant did even finish K-12, he can run for president, he said.

In addition, Atty. Rivera wants those questioning BBM’s special diploma to leave him alone with educational attainment talks. He said they should instead question the diplomas of other presidential aspirants. For example, Notre Dame Society should react with Manny’s 3-month course or perhaps Arellano University should issue a statement regarding Isko’s law studies. Or how many times Madame Leni took the bar exams.

Atty. Rivera said that instead of keeping themselves busy over BBM’s diploma, they’d rather worry about the prospect of other presidential bets becoming our next leader.

Atty. Rivera ended the FB post by leaving something for the critics to ponder on, “Misplaced fear is the refuge of morons.”

You may read Atty. Rivera’s full FB post below.


Ayan na naman tayo sa perfectly timed propaganda. Oxford Society is worried? Bakit? Napaka-exclusive ng society nila na nahaluan daw ng Marcos. Ang tanong, bakit may certification ang Oxford na binigay. Ahhh, baka Oxford Benilde yan.

Pero ano ang value ng elitista exclusionary attitude sa mga Pinoy? Wait for it….


Wala akong pakialam. Basta may tinapos. At nakikita namin ang pinag-aralan. Tataas ba ang GDP ng bansa kung British educated ang Presidente niyo? Hindi.

At tantanan niyo kami sa paandar na ito. Able to read and write lang ang qualification. Kahit di pa tapos ng K-12 pwede maging pinuno.

At tantanan ako sa educational attainment ha. Dapat itanong ang diploma ng iba? Dapat pumalag ang Notre Dame Society sa three month course ni Manny o di kaya ang Arellano University Law kung anong year inabot ni Isko. Or kung ilang beses nagbar exams si Madumb. Si Ping at Bato lang ang di ko matalakan sa larangan ng diploma eh.

Assuming totoo ang claim nito Oxford ewan, nakita niyo ba ang gawi ni BBM, ang pananalita, ang diction, ang grammar, ang taste, ang demeanor at ang cadence, halatang may pinag-aralan. Nakikita kasi ang finesse.

Tapos ikumpara mo kay sa enunciation ni Manny, sa English proficiency ni Isko at sa common sense ni Leni, dapat dun ang Oxford Society mas worried.

Imbes na ang diploma ni BBM ang aatupagin, mas masuklam sa prospect na itong mga ito, maging Pangulo.

Misplaced fear is the refuge of morons.


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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