Atty. Bruce Rivera’s brilliant explanation of the Duterte-senator critics feud on pandemic handling circulates online

In a FB post with the title, PRD vs. Mga Senador na Eps, Atty. Bruce Rivera made an thorough analysis of what is going on between President Duterte and some senators.

Atty. Rivera lamented that no matter how good your explanation is regarding the issue they raised versus the DOH and the alleged overpriced medical supplies, haters who hate President Duterte will believe the innuendos of the senators who have made a hoot because election is nearing but not so long ago they supported PRRD when they can take advantage of him.

Kahit anong explain natin sa supply and demand, negotiated procurement and disaster management, people who hate PRD will believe the insinuation of corruption made by senators who have only raised these issues nearing an election and have willingly supported him during the time when they can take advantage of him.

Sadly, even at the end of his term, PRD remains popular and in the process has become a threat to their ambitions. So, they decided, Atty. Rivera wrote.

Hence, according to Atty. Rivera, critics have made up their minds to do what they do best.

We have to destroy him.

However, Atty. Rivera noted that since the critics knew that attacking President Duterte itself does not work, they decided to change tactic, thinking it might work.

They cannot use the drug war, his uncouth mouth, his antics like how the Dilawans used it because they will look hypocritical having stood by like enablers years before. So, they attacked the favorite punching bag of the pandemic, Sec. Duque.

Atty. Rivera acknowledged the fact that Duque has past issues and for that, many critics want him out.

Let me make it clear, Duque has past issues with PhilHealth and others. And for the longest time, many people wanted him out.

Despite that, PRRD is standing by him.

But PRD is a gentleman. He can just allow him to go quietly to appease the doubters but he stood by him. Why?

Atty. Rivera will try to explain that.

Because he knows that nobody has ever dealt with this kind of crisis and the decisions, mistakes and shortcomings Duque would make, he understands as the President. Alam niya ang hirap at kung may mali man, who is perfect in this pandemic. PRD also knows that the Senators can use Duque to besmirch him.

Ordinary leaders would just remove his liability but not PRD. He is standing by his man like he is standing by those who supported him, Atty. Rivera argued.

It is called conviction, Atty. Rivera said.

Atty. Rivera went on to separate President Duterte from his critics who are indirectly accusing the former of corruption.

Those casting aspersions against PRD should remember, before siya naging Presidente, WALA kang narinig na corruption sa taong ito. Patapos na ang term, anong nadagdag sa kanya? May nakita ba kayong yaman na mahirap iexplain? SALN na di daw nilabas? Bakit di kayo magtanong sa Ombudsman.

On the other hand, itong mga naninira kay PRD, karamihan sa kanila may issue sa corruption. At yung iba, public servant na matagal na, hindi mataas ang sweldo pero bakit pataas ng pataas ang net worth? And imbes na mahiya, sila pa ngayon ang may apog gumawa ng issue.

Atty. Rivera defended that lapses in fiscal spending during the pandemic is expected because the government are overwhelmed with the various problems faced by the nation. Besides, he asked who among us have prior experience with pandemic in recent years?

Natural na magkakaroon ng lapses in fiscal spending kasi pandemic nga di ba? And hindi naman sila basta lang gagawa ng batas lang tapos pwede na agad magdemand na “anong petsa na?”. The executive will have to be on the ground, deal with an exasperated nation, make sure we do not get sick and try to keep our economy afloat, deal with a difficult LGU, a desperate CPP/NPA, continue with existing infra projects, try to hustle vaccines for us while dealing with the next mutation of CoVid. If mistakes maybe made, sino ba sa atin ang may experience na ganito?

Atty. Rivera scolded politicians who are very demanding because the truth is, they also have no experience under pandemic.

Huwag kayong demanding kung kahit kayo walang experience magpatakbo ng bansa under a pandemic.

Atty. Rivera took a swipe at senator critics by using Senator Bong Go as an example.

Tandaan niyo, si Sen. Bong Go super alalay kay PRD tapos walang absent sa Senado, Kung hindi kumpleto ang attendance ninyo, anong dahilan niyo?

Kita kits na lang sa eleksyon, Atty. Rivera warned re-electionist senator critics and those aspiring for a higher position.


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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