Atty. Bruce Rivera’s “DEAR MRS. JIMENEZ-DAVID” open letter goes viral!

A post slamming a journalist from the Philippine Daily Inquirer for lampooning President Duterte using the “jet ski” rhetoric is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post shared more than 1000 times, Atty. Bruce Rivera wrote a highly-emotional prose castigating Mrs. Rina-Jiminez-David of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and called her action “premature bitching”!

Let me share an excerpt of Ms. Jiminez-David’s viral article that merited Atty. Rivera’s attention.

Does anyone have a jet ski to spare?

Remember the campaign boast of President Rody that the way to solve the Spratlys dispute with China was for him to take a jet ski to the nearest shoreline and plant the Philippine flag there? Even if the Chinese do arrest him or shoot him down for his daring, he said, it was all right because he had always wanted to be a hero.

There was no sign of that brash, daring leader in the past few days. Instead, what we got, in the face of a clear, unequivocal verdict in favor of the Philippines by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, was a sour-faced acting foreign secretary (“looking like he had lost a family member,” said an FB wag) cautioning “sobriety” on the part of Filipinos.

If you’ve missed watching the debate wherein President Duterte made the “jet ski” rhetoric and serves as the basis of Ms. Rina Jiminez-David’s viral article to attack Duterte, please watch the video below.

Full Text of Atty. Rivera’s viral open letter:


I always have enormous respect for journalists because I once dreamed to be in your league if not only for my propensity for careless grammar and my lack of attention to details. Hence, I marvel on your thought process. But these days, many journalists suffer a disease, the symptoms include, the loss of logic, the need to be petty and albeit the beautifully worded prose, the utter lack of sophistication befitting your status.

Maam, when you are asking for a spare jet ski, you are in fact wishing for the death of our President, without actually saying it. We have brains, no matter how small you think it is. Yes, he mentioned doing the jetski thing in a speech, but as the writer you claim you are, have you heard of rhetorics to prove a point. Instead of saying, we will enforce our claim on the islands, President Duterte made it more awe-inspiring by using the jetski. Bago ba yang style na yan sa pandinig mo. Sinabi ni Miriam na magpapakamatay siya if GMA ran, but merely said she lied. You did not go bonkers. Pnoy and Abaya nga, magpapasagasa ng tren pag hindi natapos ang MRT projects before a certain date, hinanapan mo ba ng riles na pwede nilang higaan? Wala. Tapos ngayon hinahanapan mo ng jetski. Maam, you are not just a hater but you are blinded by your prejudice.

First of all, you complained during the campaign that President Duterte is undiplomatic and rude to the members of the international community. Hindi disente. And then, when he takes a tempered approach to an obviously sensitive situation, you accuse him of prematurely surrendering. What do you want him to do? Jump for joy and gloat in front of the Chinese. Commit virtual suicide to satisfy her unhealthy obssession with Duterte’s downfall? Of course, we have to celebrate and no one is taking that away from the Filipinos. But we can always be happy for this victory without being overly exuberant to the point of inciting the Chinese to be more abrasive to us. Hindi tayo duwag pero hindi din tayo dapat tanga. Kasi alam natin ang kaya nating gawin sa hindi.

Our President is brave and he can do this heroic act of planting the flag but at this point, he is no longer thinking as Digong, the brave but as President Duterte who needs to be alive for the Filipinos. And you are nudging him on to a probability of a premature death. Gusto mo, ikaw na lang ang gawin naming jetski tapos si Trillanes ang magdadala ng watawat habang sakay ka at kayo ang magpakabayani? Kasi, we can risk losing you than losing our President. Kaloka ka!

Furthermore, just because we are proposing joint exploration does NOT mean that we are surrendering. It does not mean giving up our territory and assertion to the same. Just because we are willing to share the fruits of the mango does not mean we are already giving away the tree that bears its fruit. Mag-isip nga kayo! Prutas lang ang share natin hindi yung puno.

And if China accepts our offer, is it not a clear admission that we indeed own that territory? And you ask why. Logic, my dear. We cannot share what we do not own. Its actually telling China: Hey, this is ours but since you are already here, we will just share because we do not want trouble as a good neiighbor to you.

But as expected, China will be the bully it is and insist that they own it and since they possess it, why share? Then that is the time President Duterte should take a firmer approach to reclaim the islands and may use force (with the help of our allies) as a last resort if China will not will not bow down to international pressure. However, we will only get states to be on our side if we are able to show the international community that we are humble enough to share what is ours to begin with for the price of peace.

So with all due respect, Maam, this is not a premature surrender like what you conveniently insinuate. Its is just a case of premature bitching. Someone just cannot help be a bitch and she just cant wait for the right time to do it.


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