Atty. Darwin Canete banned on Facebook for posting photos to prove Kian wasn’t innocent as mainstream media wants us to believe?

While the mainstream media paints Kian delos Santos as an innocent victim of police brutality in Duterte’s war on drugs, a Caloocan Asst. City Prosecutor says otherwise.

Atty. Darwin Canete, a known Duterte supporter on social media bravely posted SOCO photos on Facebook showing the corpse of Kian delos Santos with a distinctive mark on his waist.

Below is one of Canete’s posts related to the sensational case of Kian delos Santos.

Credits photo to Atty. Darwin Canete

The mark on Kian’s waist proved to be one of the holes in the narrative of the mainstream media that Kian delos Santos was a victim of Duterte’s bloody anti-drug war campaign.

Canete’s account has a long history of getting reported on Facebook by netizens who disliked him for being a vocal supporter of President Duterte on Facebook.

The SOCO photos posted by Canete proved to be his last controversial post on Facebook, as his Facebook personal account has been deactivated effective today.

Social media blogger Sass Rogando Sasot took to Facebook announcing the fate of Atty. Darwin Canete and his Facebook account at the same time, giving the public an idea why he get the Facebook ban hammer.

This is one of the last posts of Caloocan Asst. City Prosecutor Darwin Cañete whose FB account got deactivated:

1. Kian was in possession of the shabu sachets long before the police got him. This is based on the SOCO pictures of the body (shown by Atty. Cañete) where the sachets clearly left an impression on the side of the body just under the garter of his printed boxers. If the shabu was planted, it will not leave those marks on the skin.

2. Kian was not tortured nor hurt contrary to the claim of a supposed witness. There were no marks of physical abuse on the body as can be seen on the photos, too. The family did not want an autopsy to be performed.

3. The controversial CCTV video which made the case sensational is not fake but it was not Kian on the video because the color of the t-shirt and the lower garments are not the same. The CCTV footage was also recorded an hour before the incident. It is highly probable that it is not connected to Kian’s case.

4. They have Kian’s phone which contains text messages between Kian, his supplier and their clients. This will be presented if required to those who wish to hold an inquiry

As of this writing, Sass’ post has since gone viral, getting 3,117 shares, 6,601 reactions and 661 comments on Facebook in just one hour after it was posted.

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