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Atty. Darwin shares thoughts on some solid Duterte supporters who are expecting PBBM to be the exact copy of ex-PRRD?

Some of the so-called solid Duterte supporters are very vocal with their disappointment of PBBM on social media because he did not blurt out expletives to show his disgust against the criminals, drug lords, corrupt politicians and government people during his first SONA like what then President Duterte did.

Are you one of the so-called solid Duterte supporters who supported PBBM in the last election because you were expecting continuity including PRRD’s style of expressing himself but now a little disappointed?

Well, of your answer is “YES”, Atty. Darwin Canete, one of President Duterte’s staunch defenders on social media during his time as President, has a timely message for you.

What works for PRRD will not work for PBBM. He should not even try because it is dishonest. He should be himself and govern his way. Mar Roxas tried to curse and it made him look stupid and pretentious. The best way to emulate PRRD is his authenticity and love of country. And for me, you can have essence without necessarily duplicating the form.

Here are some of the comments on the FB thread of Atty. Darwin.

One netizen commented that we are called individuals for the simple reason we are not the same.

That’s why we are called individuals because we are different from each other. We have our own ways in making things happen. I hope pro-dds ani-marcos will give him a chance.

This sentiment is echoed by the netizen below and defended PBBM saying he is not weak but just soft spoken and a good person.

Indeed…hindi pantay ang ating mga daliri…ganun din bawat tao hindi pareho ng style at pag uugali. Wag nating piliting baguhin si PBBM…mas relax at gamay nya ang kilos nya mas magiging maayos ang trabaho nya…PLS LANG SA MGA GUSTO CYANG IKUMPARA O ITULAD KAY PRRD. Ask nyo na lang sarili nyo kung gusto ba ninyo kung sa inyo yan gawin! PBBM is not weak…HE IS JUST SOFT SPOKEN AND REALLY MABAIT. Makikita mo yan agad sa kilos at mga mata nya.

Finally, this netizen perfectly articulated the sentiment of many PBBM supporters in light of the criticism coming from the so-called DDS.

PBBM is NOT PRRD. Magkaiba sila ng style. Parang essay lang yan. puwedeng same essence but two students will write in different way. They will express their thoughts and insight differently but the same idea. Si PRRD, masa talaga. si PBBM yamanin. si PRRD, patola. si PBBM, deadma. Pero they both have the good of the nation in their hearts and mind. they became leader at different times and with different priorities and circumstances. yung naayos ni PRRD, hindi na urgent need ni PBBM. iba ang urgent sa times ni PBBM. yung law and order, nagawa ni PRRD. i am surre, PBBM wants to MAINTAIN. kaya hindi na yan nasa focus. but does not mean he is not concerned about it. just because hindi nabanggit sa SONA doesn’t mean he is not giving it attention. hindi lang urgent priority kasi ongoing na and ok naman. hindi din naman maganda na yung priority ni PRRD e yun pa rin ang need sa time ni PBBM. ibig sabihin, hindi effective si PRRD kaya even after 6 years, urgent need pa rin siya. let’s give them both credit. PRRD left his post with our country in a better place than when he first sat as president. this is why PBBM now can shift a bit of his focus to something else.


Source: Darwin Canete

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