Atty. Larry Gadon’s nails ‘ENDO’ question, wows US-based blogger, netizens

Atty. Larry Gadon is a total unknown in Philippine politics and that explains his poor showing in the SWS and Pulse Asia surveys among senatoriables.

However, after his impressive stint in “Halalan 2019”, people are starting to take notice of Larry Gadon.

In fact, US-based blogger-Reyna Elena was so impressed with Atty. Gadon, that he showered him with nice adjectives in his latest FB post, particularly Gadon’s answer to the decade-old question, “how to end ENDO?”

ENDO (end of contract) aka “5-5-5”, refers to the number of months until a non-regular employee’s termination or end of contract.

Apparently impressed with Gadon, Reyna Elena couldn’t help but described Gadon’s answer to the ENDO question “smart and intelligent.”

AS a result, Reyna Elena said Gadon is on his list among the senatoriables in the 2019 May election.

You may read Reyna Elena’s full post below.


Ang question kasi sa ENDO is this – they can pass laws to end ENDO, pero ano ang epekto nito sa business? Eh baka mag-sarahan naman mga businesses because they can’t afford the cost? It’s very easy to pass laws to end ENDO, pero tigok den yong pato. Alam mo yon?

Most of the candidates responded na oo, dapat mawala ang ENDO but they were clueless on how to. Basta sabi, papasa nang law.

The lousiest response came from Gutoc. Me drama effect pa sya raising her voice. Ano kaya yon?!

So, lahat nung sumagot na they will end ENDO by passing a law, ah’ah. That’s not just the solution.

True to form, si Larry Gadon ang sumagot nang tunay.

Larry Gadon is really smart and intelligent. Why? He approached ENDO by looking at why is it happening and what needs to be done so it will not happen but at the same time recognizing that there could be situations where ENDO cannot be avoided.


Unang banat ni Gadon is this – there are 42 million Filipinos ang nasa labor force.

56% nito ay nasa service sector.
18% ay nasa industrial sector.

Ano ibig sabihin nya? Yong industrial sector are mostly multi-nationals o kaya big businesses na talagang nag-dadala nang mass employment.

Pino-point out ni Gadon, baket 18% lang? Well, dahil ayaw nga mag-invest sa Pinas nang mga malalaking multinationals dahil sa peace and order situation and the cost of electricity. Mas maganda sana if he pointed out the 60/40 restrictions sa 1987 Consitmisyon ni Koridad, noh?

Ngayon, sabi nya, to solve the problem is to bring the cost of electricity down, improve peace and order and attract foreign investments.

Kelangan tumaas yong 18% nang labor participation sa industrial sector!

Ganun sumagot!

And for that Larry Gadon is on my list!


Netizen Mary Ann Reyes Jugado was also impressed with Gadon and wrote:

He looks at the big picture and think outside the box. Kaya Kay Gadon tayo.. HINDI BOBO!!!

Paolo Cordero couldn’t agree more with Edwin Jamora’s observation with Gadon.

realistic lang naman talaga dapat. ang hirap kasi sa mga kandidato natin masyado ginagawang tanga ang mga pilipino. voters before are different from voters today. mas realistic na mag isip ang mga botante ngayon, mas naiintindihan na ang bawat issue at alam kung ano ang pwede at hindi pwede sa bawat issue. gone are the days na utak rallyista.

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