Atty. Rivera blames Aquino, Hontiveros, Pangilinan in wake of SC decision to allow Marcos burial at LNMB. Here’s why!


This is the question posed by Atty. Rivera to critics blaming Duterte following the 9-5 SC decision allowing the Marcos burial at LNMB..

Instead, he turned the table around and blame the yellow bleeding hearts for doing nothing in the last 30 years to prevent the Marcos burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

You may cringe, cry, saddened and be angry but all of you could have done something about it and chose NOT to.

In response to VP Robredo’s opinion that the decision may pass the bar legal technicalities but does not pass the morality of the spirit of EDSA, Atty.Bruce Rivera has this to say to the VP…

VP Leni said that the decision may pass the bar of legal technicalities but does not pass the morality of the Filipino People Power movement. Let me begin by saying that as a lawyer she should know that the Supreme Court should all be about legal technicaliities. If she wants a decision on the “morality” of the matter, the Supreme Court is not the arena. We call that “conscience” and I hope she has it.

Atty. Rivera blast the senators for sitting on their laurels and did nothing to change the law that made it possible for the Marcos burial at the LNMB.

To all the sitting Senators, WTF!???? You have been in office for like since Kiko’s hair was black. Hontiveros was a long time partylist stalwart in Congress and Bam has been Senator for three freaking years. If it was about the conscience of the Filipinos not to forget Martial Law then you should have changed the law that allowed Marcos a burial in the LNMB. Either change the guidelines or better yet, rename it to Libingan ng mga Ewan.

Atty. Rivera said if there is someone to blame , it is the legislative branch who have been remiss of their jobs…

Do not blame Duterte or the Supreme Court because if we really wanted to blame people, it is our legislative branch for being remiss in its duty to make sensible laws for its people. And you have no moral obligation to condemn the ruling.

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