Atty. Rivera on Mayors Isko & Vico ganging up on Sara Duterte: “Mga repapips, even at her worst…hindi niyo siya kaya”

In a Facebook post with the title, PAGTULUNGAN ANG BABAE, Atty. Bruce Rivera, Mayor Sara Duterte’s San Beda College of Law classmate and friend talked about how Mayor Isko Moreno and Vico Sotto ganged up on the Davao City Mayor.

But before that, let us check how Atty. Bruce reacted to first-timer Mayors Isko Moreno and Vico Sotto taking turns in attacking Sara Duterte.

“Nakakatuwa itong mga closet Dilawans like Isko at Vico na parehong first time Mayor na tirahin si Inday Sara.”

Atty. Bruce remarked that Isko Moreno and Vico Sotto’s attacks versus Sara Duterte were premature.

“Una, hindi pa nagpapahayag si Duterte na tatakbo siya. Kami lang itong uber excited sa kanya.”

In addition, the ball is still round and yet like crazed dogs, Isko and Vico appears to blaming Sara because she had undue advantage as PRD’s child.

“Bilog pa ang bola pero parang mga asong ulol sina Isko at Vico na tila sinisisi si Sara dahil may undue advantage as PRD’s child.”

Atty. Bruce did call Mayor Isko and Vico “crazed dogs” because they failed to see that their attack against Sara Duterte will backfire.

“Bakit? Both took advantage of preexisting conditions to win elections. Si Isko, dating artista at anak anakan ni Kuya Germs. Si Vico, anak ni Bosing at Connie Reyes. May mga minana kayo from someone or something to have an upperhand and be recognized.”

At this juncture, Atty. Bruce reminded the first-timer Mayors that Sara has been there since 2007, doing a good job and unlike them, did not have the benefit of social media to broadcast her every move. Punched a sheriff for defending her constituents that made her a legend. In addition, she did not make sipsip to her father because she has carved her own brand, distinct from her father.

“Si Sara nung 2007 pa nagmayor and doing a good job without any social media bullshit. Nanuntok ng sheriff nung 2011 dahil nanindigan para sa mga Dabawenyo, hindi naging sipsip kay Pangulong Duterte kasi may sariling brand of leadership sa ama.”

“Mayor Isko and Vico, nung time na Sara was doing her job handling a city, ano pala ginagawa niyo?” Atty. Bruce asked to rub into Mayors Sotto and Moreno how neophyte they really are in politics.

Atty. Bruce belittled whatever successes enjoyed by the two first-timer Mayors, by saying that Manila and Pasig were easy to fix because both cities are not necessarily model cities when they took over.

“Second, both Isko and Vico took over as Mayor of a city in tatters. Manila and Pasig are not necessarily model cities kaya madaling linisin ang madumi at madaling ituwid ang baluktot.”

Sara Duterte’s job as a Mayor after taking over her father was more challenging because it was already a model city and she made it even better.

“Inday took over Davao from PRD when Davao was already a model city and made it even better. She did not just continue what Rody started, she put her own brand to governance while being the matriarch in the family.”

Atty. Bruce offered an unsolicited advice to the first-timer Mayors before they start putting down Sara.

“So Isko and Vico, before you put down a lady mayor from Davao and berate her because she happened to be her father’s daughter, tingin sa salamin.”

Atty. Bruce told Isko and Vico to have some delicadeza before attacking a veteran Mayor like Sara Duterte who has been serving Davao City quietly and shy from social media to broadcast her every move in the fulfillment of her duties and responsibilities as Mayor.

“First termers lang kayo. Yan pa lang ang nagagawa niyo. Ilang taon nang nagsilbi si Inday sa Davao na walang ingay at walang social media. Mahiya kayo sa mga balat niyo.”

Atty. Bruce asserted that even without President Duterte in the equation, Sara is ahead by a mile versus the two first-timer Mayors.

“The reality is: remove Rodrigo Roa Duterte from the equation, both of you still cannot compare to Sara Z. Duterte, not by a mile.”

Atty. Bruce made some frightening revelation regarding Sara Duterte on the part of her political enemies from the perspective as a law school classmate.

“And I am writing this from a perspective as a law school classmate who have seen her struggle at her worst.”

“Mga repapips, even at her worst…hindi niyo siya kaya,” Atty. Bruce declared.



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