Atty. Rivera reacts to Robredo’s statement ‘it’s PNP’s obligation to prove no state policy to kill drug suspects’: LENI, NAG-IISIP KA BA?

In a GMA News headline, Leni Robredo tells PNP that its their obligation to prove that no state policy to kill drug suspects exist under the Duterte administration.

Social media blogger Atty. Bruce Rivera took it upon himself to respond to Leni Robredo’s statement while the public awaits the official statement from Malacanang.

Atty. Rivera’s Facebook post is aptly titled, “LENI, NAG-IISIP KA BA?”

By the tone of Atty’s Rivera’s opening statement, one can already tell how the rest of the rebuttal goes.

Let us read the full post of Atty. Bruce Rivera below.

Abogado ka naman, Leni. Anyare? Bakit kailangan iprove ng estado na hindi policy ang pagpatay ng drug suspects. How can you prove an absence of a policy? It is like asking someone to prove that dragons do not exist. Ano, certification na walang policy na ganun.

I am mesmerized at how simplistic your logic is. Lalim mo mag-isip, teh. Akala mo ba ganun katanga si PRD na gagawa ng EO mandating for the killing of drug suspects. Hindi po siya katulad ni PNoy mag-isip. Remember the Truth Commission and DAP, all rebuked by the Supreme Court.

Of course, there is no such policy. Such is illegal and immoral in all civilized society. And what is the justification of the state when some are killed in pursuit of a state policy such as anti-drugs? Alam mo yan, Leni. It is an “act of state” which by international law standards is justified. Par in parem non habit imperium. Di ba nga, kahit anong uproar ng LGBT, Uganda still enacted a law that punished homosexuality with prison sentences even death.

The truth is, I am simply asking this question because I am confused. Every lawyer knows the rules of evidence and international law or can read about it if we are not sure of the rules. And yet, you are making these statements like it is gospel truth.

And you wonder why you are so unpopular. Mabuti pa si Trillanes kasi sabi ni Atty. Sabio, supported by 84 million Filipinos. Humingi ka sa kanya ng advise on how to be loved by a vast majority of the Filipino population. And in return, share your intelligence sa kanya.

Sarcasm is such an art.

Your thoughts?

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