Atty. Rivera slams critics who said Dayan, Espinosa’s testimonies ‘scripted’


I saw in my newsfeed several posts saying the Dayan and Espinosa testimonies are scripted because of the differences in the number of times money was given and time when they were introduced.

The statement above summarizes the sentiment of the Facebook post of Atty. Bruce Rivera in response to posts around the social media saying the Dayan and Espinosa testimonies are scripted.

Atty. Rivera argued that inconsistencies do not negate a testimony under the law.

Under the law, inconsistencies do not negate a testimony especially if it is not on a material point and human perceptions are in play. In fact, if the testimonies are too perfect, it becomes suspicious.

He said that mistakes in the testimony of witnesses is acceptable in the court because humans are fallible, bound to make mistakes.

The number of times money was given can be disregarded whether four or five times because human perception is fallible and people can make mistakes. Gaya ng tanong, ilang beses kayo nag-sex, tapos iba-iba ang sagot, pwede magkaiba ang sagot. Kaya, malay mo…mas matatas ang memory ng isa at makalimutin yung isa.

Meanwhile, Atty. Rivera has a few words to those who are calling the testimonies of Dayan and Espinosa scripted:

It does not change the fact that money was given whether it be four or five times is not that material because the fact remains that drug money was given.

He ended his post by leaving a powerful message to those who tends to look at the tiny details and not the bigger picture of the scheme of things.

It is more disturbing that there are people nitpicking on details when we should be looking at the bigger picture.

The post was published by Atty. Bruce Rivera today, 11:34 AM and has generated more than 500 shares and more than 2,000 likes on Facebook.

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