Atty. Rivera speaks up about Napoles issue: Many people are against Napoles getting out dahil MADAMING DILAW ANG MATATAMAAN

An enraged Atty. Bruce Rivera took his complaint to Facebook after anti-Duterte pages are trying to malign Duterte by association.

It can be recalled that Atty. Bruce Rivera once acted as the lawyer of Janet Napoles for her illegal detention case, not the pork barrel case.

And it is an open book that Atty. Rivera is a staunch supporter of Duterte. Do you follow me?

This dirty move by the opposition via the social media pages aligned with them has angered Atty. Rivera.

To end the madness of the anti-Duterte pages, Atty. Bruce Rivera speaks up to clear the issue surrounding the Napoles issue.

So without further adieu, let us hear it directly straight from the perspective of an insider. Who else can give a definitive statement but Atty. Rivera himself.


Anti-Duterte social media are already putting malice on my connections to both Napoles and President Duterte. Media have started to hound me for interviews. I will not allow myself to be slanted this time. So, I will make this statement in my personal capacity and not as lawyer for Napoles. There is no connection between the two. I have not talked to Napoles since mid-2016 and the records of the correctional will bear me out on that. I also have no communication with PRRD. Nakakita ba kayo ng selfie ko with the President. Why? Wala na kaming dapat pag-usapan ni PRRD kasi di naman ako humihingi ng posisyon.

Mas lalong wala na kaming pag-uusapan ni Napoles kasi tapos na ang trial sa criminal case niya. I was the one handling the illegal detention but NOT the pork barrel cases in the Sandiganbayan. And I can and will tell you all I know for as long as it will not violate the attorney-client confidentiality I have with Napoles.

First stop, I have always stood by my statement. She is NOT guilty of kidnapping and illegally detaining Luy. I can bet my reputation and one piece of my set of balls on that. I need the other one for aesthetic purpose. If I will explain to you kung bakit wala siyang kasalanan sa pagkidnap kay Benhur, libro ang kailangan kong gawin. It was a made-up criminal prosecution that the past administration did to make sure she is detained so she can talk about the pork barrel scam.

As for the pork barrel scam cases. I will only talk about the general contents of her affidavit that was released to the public by then DOJ Secretary de Lima and Senator Guingona against our wishes. But this I can say with dignity. Hindi po si Duterte ang nasisira sa laman ng affidavit ni Napoles. Kaya nga siya hindi ginawang state witness dahil malalaking tao sa LP ang andun sa affidavit na yun. Sino ba ang common factor na sinasabing utak sa both PDAF and DAP? Kayo na po ang magbigay ng pangalan.

Duterte is not corrupt. I am not corrupt. I could easily be in government to be corrupt but it is not my style. The only reason people against Duterte are against letting Napoles out and giving her an opportunity to tell her story is this: MADAMING DILAW ANG MATATAMAAN.

And you can quote me on that.

Any reaction people? See ya in the comment’s section.

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